Meet Viktoria

"Hi, I'm Viktoria! I'm a 23 year old college student who works two jobs,  takes care of my dog Peppy, and works on All Size Fits One all while balancing a social life and dating an amazing guy who finally treats me the way a real man treats a hard working lady. I like to consider myself an artist in every sense of the word. I feel like a man on the inside, since I'm a formal athlete and perpetual football fanatic, but a lady on the outside, since I love a great outfit and sexy pair of high heels.  I've always been on the other side of the camera as a newborn and toddler photographer but took the plunge to stand in front of the lens with my blog.  

I bet you're wondering why me? Why a small town Ohio native would launch herself into the public eye and put herself in front of the camera for scrutiny from people she doesn't even know.  Here's why: After a gnarly breakup, with a bad cheating scandal, that ended in serious depression a little over 5 years ago, I decided to re-start my life and swipe my slate clean starting with, well, my closet. I just needed a fresh start ya know? I need a drastic change, I needed to change something and rediscover myself.  All of my close friends told me to cut my hair but I am too attached to it so I opted to do a self proclaimed closet overhaul instead. I donated all my clothes and started from the ground up.  Why my closet? Because I hadn't been allowed to shop for 2 years while I was in that "relationship" I told you about.  And a little retail therapy was long overdue.  Oh, did I mention at the time I knew absolutely nothing about fashion or style.  I literally had zero fashion knowledge other than my own shoe size.  So I turned to the oh so reliable internet to see what was in style, how to wear it, who was styling what and so on and in the process discovered my true and style. 

 I love meeting new people and helping women feel great so I started this blog to let me do just that.  I feel like I represent the underdog because frankly I am one, and I'm proud to admit it.  I love reading fashion blogs, but mostly every one I see it filled with 6' something" women, with gorgeous long blonde hair and super skinny supermodel legs who literally look flawless.  Their style is impeccable, and I'm proud of them and support them fully as women should, but sometimes they're unrelatable to a "normal woman" like me. I don't make 6 figures a year, I can't fit a size 2, I'm not what the fashion industry considers "the right size", being a size 12 I'm considered fat, overweight, and ugly.  No, you can't count my ribs. No, I can't afford Christian Dior.  No, I'm not even within 2" of being 6 feet tall.  And No, I'm not rich. I'm a college kid.... the past 4 years of my life have been paycheck to paycheck.  

My blog started with a guy who pushed me to create it, then it became the very thing that tore us apart when I started to spend more time on it that I did on us.  Frankly, I'm not mad that I did.  I have spent too many years focusing on making sure everyone else around me is happy and forgetting that I'm allowed to be happy too. I'm allowed to focus my time and energy on things that selfishly only benefit myself, and that's ok.  The thing is, I'm not just "blogging and shopping", I'm trying to reach a new woman every day, whether it's the high schooler who got picked on for her hand me down t-shirt or the young business professional who just sat in her car and cried because she lost a job to someone better dressed, who looked the part and was more prepared.   I'm a staunch believer that when you look good you feel good, so I'm here to help you look good, but not break the bank.  You ARE beautiful, you ARE perfect to me.  Don't ever let anyone else tell you other wise.  It's ok to struggle, and ask for help.  It's ok to shop sales, and wear thrifted clothing. It's ok to be imperfect, because imperfect is beautiful too.  

SO to all my real women out there, come along with me and read about my small town Ohio life, Living in the smallest big city in America, Columbus!!!  To me, even with the little I have, I have just enough love and support to feel like the richest most beautiful woman on Earth. If you love fashion and style just as much as I do, and you're on a college kid level budget just like me, please.....stop by weekly to see my crazy take on all things fashion and style and COMMENT AWAY! I love interacting with new readers! You all have kept me going every single day since I started this journey two and a half years ago! Stay stylish XoXo Viktoria"

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