Men's Fall Fashion Must Haves for the Guy in Your Life - Part 1

A 24 year old heterosexual male who loves wings, beer, bars and football.  He's your typical "All American" and definitely fits the stereotype in that he isn't particularly as fashion conscious as, let's say, a European man.  I mean, I can't really blame him.  Between work, school, boxing, football, volleyball, Tough Mudders, and taking care of his puggle Pokey, I'm surprised the man even puts clothes on at all.  Needless to say, we are polar opposites in every way.  I'm talking of course....about my boyfriend.

Although he has his days where he throws on a tie and nice pants for date night and special occasions, his casual day to day outfits are usually in things like athletic wear, to match his every going lifestyle.  To him, comfort is key....and comfort is athletic wear, but that's where most men are mistaken. It takes just as long to throw on jeans and a quick button up, as it does to throw on athletic shorts and a tee.  Frankly, they are just as comfortable, especially for men who get away with a looser fit in their clothing. Men don't have hair and make-up to do so the key is finding them quick and easy pieces that are versatile and fashion foward, yet comfortable.    We have to find the balance between things we want them to wear, and things they are actually willing to wear that are both stylish and practical.

Today with the help of my boyfriend Nate, we're starting a small series of Fall Must Haves for your guy.  After picking his brain for a couple hours to see what he likes to wear, we've comprised a list of pieces your guy will actually like, and you'd like to see him in.  Surprisingly, we didn't buy a thing for these articles.  All of these items were clothes he has bought himself the past couple years, I just styled them in combinations he had never worn before. Let's just call this 'Fashion 101 for the Anti-Fashion Male'.


For this first look, we're focusing on 4 key pieces: 1.) Jeans 2.) A Plain White Tee 3.) Boots (of his choice), and a must-have 4.) Plaid Button Up.  All 4 pieces doesn't necessarily have to be worn together, however, if you want a Fall Fashion 101 look, this is definitely a good starting point.  If your man ever wants to add a little throwback flair to his look have him tie the plaid button up around his waist, over his favorite shirt.  When it comes to jeans, make sure they fit him and his body type well, have just enough breathing room and rest just a couple inches above the ground, so they're not dragging through mud.  Lastly, the button up shirt, get one that fits his body. The "oversized" plaid shirt is really a woman's thing, so on your man make sure it's the right size.  Too large and he'll look like he's up to no good, and too small and he'll look like he's still trying to wear his pre-pubescent clothes.  Make sure it's snug around his body with just enough room to ruche at the bottom and in the sleeves.  

Jeans, Tee and Plaid Shirt: American Eagle / Boots: Eddie Bauer via Kohls
Now ladies, we are dealing with men here, we don't want to overwhelm them so you're going to be seeing the men's fashion article's spaced out over the course of the season.  Show this outfit that I styled to your bf, fiance, husband, or even just a male friend and see if they like it.  If they do, you can start their Fall shopping a little early, and reward yourself with a Pumpkin Spice Latte of course!'s only fitting. I hope you all like this small break from womenswear and can find a guy in your life to show it to!

Stay Stylish.....Men

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