Men's Fall Fashion Must Haves - Part 2

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So now that we've covered the first 4 basic pieces for a men's Fall wardrobe, and slowly dipped our toes into menswear, we're going to dig a little deeper and start looking at pieces of outerwear, layering, and casual shoes.  This mini menswear series is all about helping out the men in your life with their clothing choices over the next couple months.  It's a collaboration between Nate and I where we tried to find the balance between what I think would look good on him and what he actually enjoys wearing.  But what about other women? What would they want to see their guys in? I asked around and here is what some of them said...

Tori, New York - likes her husband in "a sweatshirt of scarf..."

Hayley K, Ohio - likes her boyfriend in "surprisingly...comfy warm sweats..."" 

Siobhan, San Francisco - likes her fiancé in "Cozy sweater and jeans combos..."

Kat R, Ohio - likes her fiancé in "Big chunky knit sweaters and jeans."

After hearing what women from the East Coast to the West Coast liked to see their men in, we put together looks with lots of layers.  What you'll notice over the course of the next couple outfits is that we have not only incorporated pieces of outerwear, but you'll see a few basic layering tricks that men can easily master.  The thing with Fall wardrobes, that goes for both men and women, is that all you really need to have in your closet are a few extra long sleeve tops, and some great outerwear pieces.  You can layer a jacket and scarf over any top, be it a short sleeve or long sleeve, and look season appropriate.  Not a ton of men, especially in the midwest, go for things like tank tops.  I know when I look through Nate's closet the shortest sleeve he has are cut off tops for his work outs and football.  By buying some great outerwear basics, the man in your life can easily layer his summer shirts under his new Fall jackets and look great.  You'll notice we'll be styling 3 basic pieces of outerwear that most "anti-fashion males" will tolerate wearing, if they don't voluntarily own them already.

Now this....this is the quintessential "Fall Fashion 101" look, for men. It works for those men who have average style and shop at mainstream stores. Let's break this look down real quick. First off, we have the basic long sleeve thermal that men can pair with A-NY-THING, that's really all I have to say about that. Next, the plaid shirt, you'll be seeing a lot of this little guy because it is another one of those ridiculously versatile pieces that he can wear any way. He can tie it around your his waist, wear it open, unbuttoned, buttoned up, dressed up, dressed down, etc. Lastly, the heather grey zip up hoodie....specifically. I literally mean that specific color, that exact style, yes it has to have drawstrings, and it has to zip up (no pullovers allowed here). This specific sweater looks good on any man's body type, it can be styled into any man's wardrobe, and it's (again) versatile as hell! They not only add this effortlessly casual vibe to your guys look, but they are comfortable for him, which you know is key, in a man's head. You know that whole "beauty is pain" saying? Yeah, that's definitely a woman's rule. When it comes to men, if it hurts...he ain't wearing it. Most men always go for comfort over style. Now, if at all possible, try and get your guy to invest in a pair of casual shoes. Sneakers/Tennis Shoes are not always appropriate for every occasion. I debated with Nate for a while trying to get him to understand the middle ground between sneakers and formal shoes. A men's casual shoe is the equivalent of a women's pair of flats. The shoe below and a nice lace-up boot (like a combat boot) are the most common forms of men's casual shoes for Fall. It takes a lot of trying on but when you find one he'll wear, I promise it'll be worthwhile.

Jeans: American Eagle / Plaid (similar)& Thermal Shirt: American Eagle / Hoodie: Kohls / Shoes: Kohls

Isabella U, Ohio - Says she likes "a classic blazer and jean combo..."

& Cindy S, Ohio - likes to see her husband in "a black vest over dress shirt of any color, and jeans..."

Sera, TX - is "a sucker for suspenders with nice pants and a button down, with rolled sleeves..."

Those looks are the perfect combination of dressy and casual.  For this next look, we're going to put your man in something I'm sure most men will like, that perfectly combines a dressier shirt layered on top of a casual t-shirt.  As a huge fan of both football and dressing up casual pieces, it goes without saying that this look made me very happy.  For days when he wants to rep his team, but isn't actually going to a game, layer a sports tee under a shirt with complimentary colors.  Luckily for Nate, his team is the an Oxford button up looks great on top, and unbuttoned.  If you're man isn't much of a football fan, then you can easily swap out the sports tee for any graphic t-shirt.

**VikTip:  To create a more styled look to your basic t-shirt, roll the sleeves of your guy's tee twice, following the natural hem.** 

Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Kohls / Tee: Old Navy / Oxford Shirt: American Eagle (similar) 
I hope you all enjoyed some of these menswear looks for the guys in your life! Make sure to show them to your someone special and let me know in the comment section below if they like them or not. For further menswear article suggestions, let me know via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram

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