When you genuinely truly grieve, you start to lose interest in things that have usually made you happy.  I haven't posted an article with myself in it since the end of August because I had zero desire to blog.  I didn't like the idea of getting back in front of the camera.  When I lost the baby I lost my confidence.  I felt like my body betrayed me and the last thing I wanted to do was parade it in pictures with my now 8lbs bigger frame. I was pregnant long enough for my hips to widen already, my pants don't fit me anymore and I'm not sure I'm seeing what I really look like when I look in the mirror these days. I'm sure it will take some time to get 100% "over it", but after a month and a half absence and countless bags of milk chocolate Milanos, I'm back.

I went through something that unfortunately effects 1 in 4 women.  Now more than ever I have a platform to speak out and not hide the low points in my life, which a lot of depressed women do so that they can maintain a strong front. So ya know what? I'm done hiding.  Here I am.  Yes, I'm a bit pudgier, I'm one pants size bigger and have fuller cheeks....because I'm a normal woman and I gained weight.  

Now that the elephant in the room has been acknowledged let's move on to this super affordable tee that could not better represent today's article and everything that is going through my mind as I write it.  Holy Chic....I'm back.  Back to my old routine and it's freaking me out.  I can't ignore the real world anymore.   So I'm donning my new tee and hoping my return has not disappointed.  It feels good to get back behind the computer creating content for you all.

Tee: Old Navy / Jacket (old): +Target  / Booties: Macys / Jeans: +Kohl's  / Earrings: The Limited
When I first saw this t-shirt on another blogger, I would have bet it was one of those designer tees that was ridiculously overpriced.  To my surprise, this $15 tee is actually sold at a very affordable retail favorite, Old Navy.  Although I don't usually go for an all black and white outfit without some sort of color, I liked the simplicity of pairing this tee and black skinny jeans combo with basic booties and a faux leather sleeved jacket. The irony in the phrase speaks for itself, and turns you into a walking statement.  Be prepared to make someone smile with this one.

Stay Stylish

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