Get The Look FOR LESS

It's been far too long since I brought you a fantastic find in the form of a Look For Less. AND. IT'S. UNDER. TWENTY. BUCKS. YAYYYYY!

You're Welcome. The End. 

I'm just kidding, I talk way too much for that to be it and I'm the worst at making things "short and to the point".  So here's what happened, I saw the cute zebra sweater on the left a couple months ago while on Pinterest, story of my life.  I couldn't afford it myself seeing at it's well over $100, so I just kinda bookmarked it in my browser and hoped it would go on super duper bonus sale eventually. A girl can dream right? Checking back periodically only to find it had not yet been marked down, I was about to give up all together when the sweater on the right came into my life.  I found it at Kohls while I was pants shopping for some black skinny jeans.  Right now it's on sale for $19.99, making it $300 less than it's cashmere competitor, that originally sold for $319.00 (now on sale for $127.60)!

I love when I find a great look for less.  In my opinion, that can apply to either a far less expensive yet exact replica of a designer piece.   Or it can apply to two items that give you the same general look, even if they are completely different designs.  The sweaters we're referring to today fit into the latter rule, and I did not pass up the opportunity to put together a look for you all so that you can see how I like to wear my newfound wardrobe piece.

So now let's get onto styling. It's so easy and unoriginal to throw on your favorite fall sweater with a great pair of skinny jeans. With other sweaters like light cardigans and button ups, you can wear them open or closed, tied around your neck and so much more.   The only style options you really have with a sweater like this, is to layer.  Since this one happens to have a design on both the front and sleeves, I didn't want to make it a bottom layer (i.e: under a jacket) so I threw it on over a long sleeve white bottom up and threw on a bold necklace.  

WAIT... I have one more thing to leave you with, and yes it's important. When you're layering a chunky sweater like this, you're bound to have lumps and bumps.  I have curves to hide under my layers ok?! So my words of wisdom is to not let it bother you, you still have a super cute outfit on so just focus your attention on that.  I was going through these pictures and I noticed this combination wasn't very figure flattering, but I'm not going to photoshop myself thinner, or pick the skinniest looking picture just to make other people happy.  So before you go out and get discouraged, just know that with layering comes inevitable frump! Own it! Focus on your cute outfit and take charge of your day.  If you think I look bigger in these pictures it's because I do look bigger, but I'm not bigger underneath...and that's ok with me :-) 

Stay Stylish

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