The Unconventional Fall Lookbook

When most people think of Fall Fashion they tend to think of all the Pinterest worthy outfits that most women like to wear.  What about those of us, whoever, who have a semi obscure style preference?  Not every women out there likes the look of layered Earth tones, chunky cable knit sweaters, nova check scarves, and knee high boots.  The thing about Fall that I love the most is the plethora of accessories and never-ending layering possibilities, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I like to put together the most predictable combinations.  I'm not exactly your 'yoga pants and pumpkin spice latte' type, so today I wanted to show you 3 outfits that I have been loving lately, that are both season appropriate and fully represent my unique style. 

At first glance this seems like a summer look, between the light wash denim jacket and white skinny jeans.  When you really break this look down though I'm simply wearing a short sleeve shirt with a jacket on top, pants, and booties.  Fall weather appropriate yet not the norm, so at the end of the day I look cute, and I won't get cold.  That's what I like to call a win win. 

Jeans: EXPRESS / Shirt: MNG by Mango for JCPenney (official brand version here) / Jacket: JCPenney / Booties: Macys

Next off, I'm taking on one of my favorite summer dresses. I like to layer my cargo jackets over the sundresses that I just don't want to go let of yet.  Instead of your summer heels or sandals, stay season appropriate with boots.  In the earlier Fall days where it's not quite as cold yet, cut out ankle booties look great, and work as the perfect transitional shoes between summer and fall.  

Booties: Macy's / Dress: Old Navy / Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger

Lastly, for those of you who *sniff sniff* live in warmer weather, and don't get the beauty of changing leaves. You can still embrace everything that there is to love about the season, in the form of layers....kinda. I mean, they're still layers but you can easily reach for your favorite sleeveless top and vest. Usually, I'd pair a vest like this over a long sleeve shirt for a nice contrast but for all you West Coast-ers feel free to style yours with a shirt like the one below.  You can pair a look like this with skinny jeans and sneakers for a casual vibe. An outfit like this is great for pumpkin picking or just a very fashionable walk outside to enjoy the weather.  

Skinnies: Kohls / Sneakers: Nike / Oxford Tank: H&M / Vest: Nordstrom Rack / Necklace: Ebay
 Just because it's Fall doesn't mean your style has to be predictable... 

Stay Stylish

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