Valetines Day Outfit Ideas!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I know you haven't picked out something to wear yet.  So here are a couple ideas for your special date night.

If you and your man/woman are going out somewhere casual but you still want to put on something fun, try a fun graphic tee and a bright colored blazer!  We aren't all dating a millionaire so throwing on a sequin gown is just not necessary.  Valentine's day is about enjoying the time you have with your special someone so do just that, have fun and enjoy it.  I love to dress jeans up with a pair of heels and the combination of a graphic tee plus a blazer.  After you get your look together, accessorize with your favorite jewelry or throw in an extra V-day punch with cute bow or heart earrings!

Blazer: J.Crew / Tee: Ebay / Pants: H&M / Pave Crystal Bracelet: J.Crew / Leopard Cuff: Limited / Bow Earrings: LC for Khols

Now if you are dating a millionaire, or merely going to a fancy dinner with your boo a cute take on a  great Valentine's day outfit is with a pop of red at your feet.  I like to wear nothing but black, whether that is a dress or a blouse/skirt combo then add red on my feet. This gorgeous black lace dress debuted at Target during their colab with Neiman Marcus. It is a Robert Rodriguez, whose dresses can retail for hundreds of dollars.  Shopping the designer colabs in stores like Target, Kohls, and JCPenney is a great way to get the designer name, without the cost.

Dress: Target / Shoes: Target / Earrings: Kohls

Lastly, for the low maintenence woman, an effortless Valentine's day look is with a bright colored dress of your choice.  Ditch the Barbie Pinks and Candy Apple Reds for something unexpected like a bright purple or fun fuchsia.  To keep my look flirty I added a leopard print belt, and then wore nude shoes that have bows on them!  

Dress: Forever21 / Pumps: Kohls / Belt: Limited
So it's as simple as that ladies! Bright colored dresses, pops of red shoes, or fun graphic tees.  Whichever look you choose this Valentine's Day, just be safe and have fun.
Stay Stylish

photos courtesy of Jay L. Photography

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