Nothing to Wear- Tips and Tricks to Falling Back in Love with your Wardrobe

Let's face it, we've all had those days where you wake up and you come to the realization that you're not in love anymore. It's a sad day, but it happens to the best of relationships. It happened to me one day and I'm sure its happened to you too.  You open your eyes and right there next to you is the same sight you've woken up next to for days, months, or even years....but you just don't feel the same love anymore.  I'm talking, of course, about your relationship with your closet.  

So how do you find that spark again? How do you rekindle that old flame and keep the fire alive! You used to love your wardrobe and everything in your closet and lately you've just sat there in the awkward silence of the morning feeling empty, or naked rather....with nothing to wear.  We know your wardrobe is full of fun possibilities.  So today I'm here to share with you all 7 Tips and Tricks to help you fall back in love with your clothes. Let's get this party started!


Create New Looks:  The next day you have off from work, put together outfits until you can't stand any longer. Easiest way to do this is put on a skirt, for example, then play around with different tops, different shoes, jewelry and whatever else in different combinations. When you find one you like, snap a quick picture of it in the mirror and save them on your phone or laptop, then next time you go to get dressed and you're having a bad case of outfit block, you can simply pick an outfit from your pictures that you are obviously guaranteed to like since it's your own clothing.  

Put Together a tangible 'Pin Board': It goes without saying that Pinterest is arguably one of the most addicting things to hit social media since....ever.  I can spend HOURS on that website and it's great because all your stuff is electronic organized into virtual boards for you! But there is still something magical about a good old fashioned cork board and some thumb tacks. Sure, e-readers are fun and all....but the feel of glossy magazine pages trumps that any day.  So gather all your favorite magazines, catalogs and whatever else and start attaching pages and pictures from them to an inspiration board. *VikTip: Look for outfits or color combos you can replicate with pieces you already own. Tacking up something you like but don't own will only make you want to shop for NEW pieces. We're trying to fall in love with our old stuff remember? (for the most part)*

Look to the Bloggers:  So I know you're obsessed with that Viktoria chick from All Size Fits One (shameless plug)! Haha ok let's be serious here, fashion bloggers do what they do for a reason! We're good at it! I speak for a large group of us when I say we aim to inspire women and give them something to look forward to on the weekly or even daily! So there is no shame in flat out copying us! That's what we're here for after all. If I'm reading one of my girls and see a look that is sheer genius I will save the outfit photo to my computer.  Don't ever feel bad about imitating a look, copying someone is the biggest form of flattery.  

Have a Friend Dress You:  I know this sounds a bit weird but I mean exactly what I say.  Find a friend with an different fashion sense than yourself and have him/her pick out looks for you from your own closet! Chances are he/she will choose looks and combinations you never even thought of.

Re-arrange your closet:  This one definitely takes the most work but I think has the most impact. If you organize your closet a specific way or worse, don't organize it at all, sometimes you will find yourself reaching for what you KNOW you have. When you re-arrange your pieces in a different method you will rediscover items you may have forgotten about in the process. Also, you will literally bring forth items that may have been in the back of your closet and hidden.  If you DON'T have a walk in closet, this is the tip for you!

Make it look like a boutique/decorate it: This way you feel like you are "shopping" your own closet every morning. Let's face it, you're not going to want to wear a wadded up bundle of wrinkly t - shirt are you? No, of course not.  You're going to want to wear that beautiful blouse hanging peacefully on its wood hanger. Making your closet look like a pint size boutique can work wonders in tricking your mind. When your stuff is just thrown in bins and half ass hung on a crappy hanger then of course the appeal of a new item from the mall will be in the forefront of your head. But when the mall is in your bedroom then you will be able to "shop" from your own closet every day! So get matching hangers, frame a shopping bag from your favorite store, or add a fun garment rack alongside one of the walls in your room that displays your favorite pieces for the time being.  If you do this, you will be inspired from your pre-existing clothing to dress to the nines every day!

Shop JUST A LITTLE:  If you have, on many occasion, found yourself needing a specific piece to complete a look then a little bit of shopping won't hurt.  For example, let's say you have thought that a denim jacket would be the perfect icing to a outfit on many occasions, maybe it's time to find one and buy it.  If you are investing in classic and super versatile pieces for your wardrobe that can help you create multiple new don't have to ask me twice if it's worth it or not.    
*VikTip: Yes, you should buy the black blazer.*

Well, I hope you all enjoyed these quick tips to helping you rekindle the love with your own closet! 
Feel free to leave a comment below if you're new to the blog :) Thanks for stopping by today. 
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