OOTD: Closet Overhaul

"Confession...on my days off, I wear sweats."

Sure, I'm a fashion blogger but it's hard to keep up such a polished image to the public eye so the second that door closes behind me it's pants off, sweats on, top off, hoodie on.  Every once and while though I will look presentable for literally no reason at all,  and when that happens obviously I have to share those moments with you! Today, I worked on an all day closet collaboration with my close friend from high school and decided to pair my turquoise jewelry with an olive top that I found a couple months ago.  I like the unlikely combination of green and blue in these specific shades.  Since it's still pretty chilly here in Ohio I can still get away with my leather jacket, but since the snow is melted I can also get away with wedges, yay!!! Hopefully you all enjoyed my look and can take something away from it or even replicate it if you want! Thanks for stopping by today! :)

Blouse, Jacket, Scarf, Wedges: JCPenney / Pants: Target / Necklace: Gifted / Earrings: Aria / Rings: H&M
Stay Stylish My Lovelies!

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