Pinspired: Blogger Edition- Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen

Yes, that is man. No, this is not an accident. I have to tell you ladies, men are a great place to look for fashion inspiration. You can get just as inspired by their outfits as you can a fellow female.  Justin is the male fashion blogger behind Scout Sixteen, which has been on my blog roll for about 3 months now.  Knowing pretty much my whole closet inventory off the top of my head, the second I saw this look on his site I knew I could recreate it, all the way down to the original style converse he's wearing which obviously, I already own.  Since I'm a woman though, minor swaps had to be made.  I traded out the olive pants for shorts, and picked a blouse with a very similar color pallet as his tropical shirt.  Chucks are a universal/unisex shoe so I literally wore the same exact style he has on.  Lastly, the jacket.  A denim jacket is a denim jacket but female jackets are made every so slightly more tailored than the men's if you can find the right one.  Overall, the look lends itself well to female fashion, so I could easily take note, creating the outfit below.

Chucks: Journeys / Shorts & Jacket: JCPenney / Blouse & Earrings: Target

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