Columbus Pride

What is it like to be gay? I couldn't tell you. I'm a heterosexual female, who has never touched a woman in a sexual way.  My toughest obstacle was bringing home a white boyfriend, not a girlfriend.  I'm just a normal woman, in a normal world, where I think people should be allowed to get normal married....which to me, has no limitations based on race, religion, skin tone, or sexual orientation.  Equality has always been something I fought for, so equal rights for the LGBT community is something I have devoted a lot of my time to, all the way to taking a bus to Washington D.C and joining in with hundreds of thousands of people, marching for marriage equality. 

Pride Month actually started as a single day, the last Sunday in June.  It's purpose? To honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots in the United States.  It's now turned into a month long celebration, where the LGBT community can come together and show their impact on local communities, national communities, and even global communities.  BUTTTT......why let the LGBT community get all the fun parades and cool outfits? I wanna do it too dammnit! So here I am. 

You don't have to shove your view down people's throats, in every aspect of life, if they have a differing view than yours so be it....let them.  But showing a little pride doesn't hurt, so today I'm doing just that.  You can find pride shirts everywhere right now and I got one last year at Target.  For me, this one is so perfect I haven't invested in another one since.  I already wore it last year,  but I broke it out again today to show you all where I stand, pairing it with a pleather skirt, statement necklace, and "rainbow" shoes.  (that happened to be designed by a gay designer so that doesn't exactly hurt the cause). 

Hope you like the look....How do you show YOUR Pride? ;)

Stay Proud

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