A Few Quick Looks

Hey Ladies, today I just wanted to share a few quick looks I've worn lately out and about, mixed together for something a little different. I'm not really what most people would call "a dress girl" but I gotta admit that I secretly love a great dress. They are definitely my go-to piece for work since it's way more comfortable to stand in one of these for 8 hours, than jeans. Anyways, I found myself with A TON of dresses after working at a boutique for 6 months, before it sadly closed. Lately, with a new job, I find myself reaching for my dresses again and figured I share a couple of my recent favorite outfits with you. One, a basic black and white dress with a fun neon pop of blazer, and the other an abstract print "cupcake" dress with a zipper head to toe. Hopefully this will inspire you to dress up tomorrow. Have a Great Day!


Stay Stylish

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