Summer Sandal MUST HAVES...on a budget!

Even though I'm a bargainista, I always expect to spend more money on shoes. Getting a blouse on crazy sale for a couple bucks is totally doable, but you can't say the same thing for a pair of shoes.  I tend to budget myself $40 for each pair of shoes in my closet.  Some are more and some are less, but most of the time I stay around that price point because I have a coupon, or I can catch a great sale! This year, following my pledge to only buy shoes that were unlike anything I already own (in attempt to not bury myself in shoes by the end of the year), I added these two pairs of sandals to my summer wardrobe.  They are so unique and different that I just could not pass them up. Oh, did I mention they're well under budget?

This first pair of shoes you can find at everyone's favorite go-to bargain shoe joint, Payless.  Yes, you read that right.  These adorable strappy floral sandals were released this summer as part of the Christian Siriano line.  Originally sold for $34.99, I picked these up a few days ago because the price has been slashed $10 off.  I would definitely suggest picking these up while you can!

Next, let's talk about these bad boys. When I first saw them I have to admit I was a bit thrown off, and did not like them in the slightest bit.  Honestly, I thought they were hideous.  Then the power of bloggers came into play as I was perusing my blog roll and saw one of my favorite curvy girls rocking a pair of these clog like sandals with a flirty sundress and denim jacket.  Seeing these chunky heeled sandals paired the right way completely sold me and I went back to Target to see if I could find them.  Sadly (at the time) they were completely sold out and off the shelf, so I accepted defeat and walked out the store with my head down low.  

Weeks later, when I was back at Target because that was obviously bound to happen, I saw they were back in stock and rushed over to the shoe section to grab my pair.  On a 20% off all sandals sale, I was able to save a couple extra dollars.   I will warn you to go up a full size, I had to purchase these shoes in a size 11 (I usually wear a 10).   After wearing these shoes around for a couple hours I discovered they were possibly the most comfortable heels I've ever put on my feet in the history of my existence.  They're unlike anything I own and I can't wait to style them in a way that fits my personality. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of these sandals in the upcoming months.

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