MY Style Series - Street Chic

I'm a Supervisor at work which means I have to dress up and lead by example, our dress code is business casual which means most days I'm wearing ankle trousers and a button up shirt, or work appropriate blouse, with flats and simple earrings.  It goes without saying that whenever my co-workers see me outside of work they're a little confused.   My style is anything but dressy, in fact it's quite the opposite.  

I like to think my style has evolved a lot over the past couple years as I've been blogging.  The more I'm exposed to different styles, trends, and meet different women, the more I've grown as a fashionista and personal stylist.  As I've learned to style other women, I've also learned to style myself. Although my overall style is quite diverse, there are always those looks that make me feel the most comfortable and confident.  You've seen my girly side, with full skirts and feminine heels, and you've seen my Business professional side too.  You've seen my bohemian chic side and random looks that just scream preppy....but today is about my authentic, genuine, true-to-Viktoria personal style starting with this first look.  

You see, a lot of the looks that make it through pulls, photo shoots, edits, and all the way to final picks for published articles are about you guys, not me.  A lot of articles are meant to be informative so admittedly, they are not all things I would necessarily wear myself.  They're about teaching you ladies what's in, how to style it, where to get it etc.  My goal has always been to be relevant to every type of woman.  I don't want to create a blog where my style is so specific only a small group of women can relate. I want all women from all walks of life to be able to stop by weekly and enjoy what they see.  If and when I do post something that they wouldn't wear, or don't like, chances are there will be something that pertains to them within a couple more articles....that's why you see such a diverse style from post to post.  But today, I'll be embarking on a series that shows you what I like to wear when I'm not in front of the lens, but behind it.  This is what you'll catch me in if you ever bump into me on the street.  Today, I want to you meet me....the real me.  

"Hi, I'm Viktoria. I don't think we've met before...."  

I've always been easily influenced by everything, and I love to drawn ideas and learn from things that have happened to me my whole life.  For 6 years of my life I was a very dedicated athlete, on track to be a very competitive college level runner, until I developed some serious asthma out of nowhere. My brain, however, never stopped being an athlete.  I have that team mentality and it's influenced me every day since I had to give up sports.  It goes without saying that the athletic inspired vibe is something I can't get enough of. It's the perfect blend of who I used to be and who I've become, my way of paying homage to a very important time period in my life.  I love this basic jersey that is borrowed from the mens section in H&M, where I find a ton of my favorite casual tops.  Paired with ripped jeans and buffalo plaid shirt, I feel comfortable, confident and proud.  I've always like to contrast feminine with masculine in the same look so even though I'd most likely wear this outfit with chucks, I'd also wear it with my studded, pointed toe pumps.  

Jeans: Kohls / Jersey: H&M Mens (Buy it here) / Plaid Shirt: Old Navy / Pumps: Jessica Simpson

To me this outfit is a great representation of my genuine personal style. Although I'm always pushing  clients and readers to step outside their comfort zone, sometimes you just need a day off to do you, and wear what you're comfortable in. Today's challenge isn't a challenge at all, wear what makes you happy.  Enjoy your day off.  

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