Clothes Before Bros

Lately, I've noticed myself slipping into different versions of the same look...a witty screen tee + distressed jeans + a piece of Spring outerwear and Birkenstock inspired sandals. 

Both of these bargain screen tees were unsurpassable, selling for less than $15 each, and I've been throwing them on a lot lately when I'm in a rush to leave but still want to look presentable.  When buying a graphic/screen tee remember that less is more.  Try and go for a solid color with bold writing on it so that you can still make a statement piece versatile as you wear it for years to come.  When the shirt is simple, you can treat it like a solid color top and the possibilities are endless.

For me, this combo that I've been wearing lately exemplifies my personal style and the walking phrases I'm wearing help me make a statement without even opening my mouth :-)

I've always been someone who, relationship wise, put my boyfriend's needs before mine every day.  After I started All Size Fits One I struggled with balancing my personal life with my blog life.  Once it became a second job I had a tough decision to blog made me happy, but it was starting to interfere. In the long run my blog won and I wouldn't have it any other way now.  I know it's supposed to be this funny little shirt but to me it means so much more.  I ended up choosing clothes and fashion, because it made me happy and for the first time in my life I took time to work on myself before I worked on a man. Now, with the 3 year blog birthday coming up, I have to say my confidence has skyrocketed and my current relationship is the strongest one I've ever had.  Clothes before bros ladies.....clothes before bros.

Sandals: Target / Jeans: Kohls- Juniors Department / Tank: Target / Vest: Jennifer Lopez

This look follows the same general rule as the outfit equation above, but I added a massive statement necklace to bring some silver into my look.  By adding the necklace, the sandals don't seem so out of place and everything flows better.  This stark white blazer adds a freshness to the look, and can be found at JCP...after years of searching I honestly feel like this blazer is perfect for spring.  Don't let the mature misses brands fool you either because this amazing blazer is Liz Claiborne! Shocking huh? Make sure to pick it up on the weekends when the prices drop and the coupons get better. 

Sandals: Target / Jeans: Kohls- Juniors Department / Shirt: Kohls / Blazer: Liz Claiborne
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Shop sandals and screen tees below! All of my personal picks (shirts) are under $15! Perfect for all your budget fashionistas.  Use the #asfo on any picture inspired by my looks or blog posts. 

Birkenstocks and Graphic Tees

Shop Smart. Look Chic. Stay Stylish.

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