Last year, we saw some great throwback trends come back, and this year the popularity stuck around and spread like wildfire.  The fashion industry is seeing everything from retro shaped sunglasses, throwback style sneakers, jumpsuits, rompers, overalls, high waisted bikinis to prints and patterns that SCREAM 90s. 

This year's pick that I just couldn't live without was this incredible Nike track jacket that made it's way to my store.  After stalking it for a few months I was lucky enough to snag it on an associate shop day, when I got it down to just $35.  Originally selling for over $65, the price wasn't in my day to day budget.  In fact, had I not gotten the opportunity to use my associate shopping discount, I most likely would not have bought it.  There were, however, plenty of other pieces that I've had my eyes on the past couple of months that represent the throwback style that is so popular right now.  I've picked some personal favorites that can fit into any bargain fashionistas budget, so that you can rock a retro style and not break the bank! Shop my picks, and hopefully you can gain a little inspiration from my outfit below to go out and rock some vintage trends and styles. 

  Track jackets are one of my favorite pieces of spring outerwear, and this Nike jacket was so bold and bright that I kept my look simple with black bottoms and matching sneakers.  I've been getting so much wear out of it lately it was definitely worth the minor splurge.  Being a 90s baby, I love anything that reminds me of my birth decade but still fits into 2015 effortlessly.  For me, this jacket represents my childhood and all the funky women's fashion from it, that I didn't get to wear myself because I was only a kid. Now that I'm a grown woman it has been so much fun for me to rock the trends that just a few years ago were considered outdated.  Here's to fashion coming full circle yet again, and enjoying this awesome fashion edition of Throwback Thursday.  

Unfortuntely, this jacket has sold out online so check your local Kohls for in store inventory.  If they don't have it, have a little fun shopping second hand shops on etsy, ebay, or even have a fun day of thrifting to find some great retro pieces to add to your modern day wardrobe. I hope this look has inspired you to embrace the funky styles and crazy prints of the pre-millenial years, and you step outside of your comfort zone in the weeks to come to embrace your childhood trends.  As always....

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