Lemons Lemons Everywhere

Move over Pineapples! This summer we're trading in sweet for sour as lemons move to center stage for their time in the spotlight.  Everything from blouses and clutches to rompers and cute little pieces of jewelry.  Best part about this trend? It's totally affordable! I couldn't wait to get my hands on some cute fruit pieces and boy have I had my fair share of items to pick from...pun intended.  The only piece I've picked up so far has been this adorable lemon top from JCP, being sold for a very reasonable $19.99. You can get it even cheaper if you shop smart and make sure to use those in store coupons, if you download the JCP app you can pull them up right from your phone! 

 I decided to go with a classic white on white look, styling my blouse with some skinny jeans and Birkenstock inspired sandals that I picked up at Target. You can shop my shirt and other cute lemon pieces in the collage below.

Sandals: Target (click here) / Skinny Jeans: Express (click here)

For more ripe lemon pieces shop some of my personal picks below! Make sure to use the #ASFOdoesLemons
Lemons Lemons Everywhere

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