All The Single Ladies! V-Day Celebration (21 and Over!)

Well, let's face it.  We're not all lucky enough to have a Valentines on that special day in February, this is actually the first year I have someone to spend it with so I am all too familiar with celebrating solo, but who says you can't have fun anyways.   Valentines day is about love, and celebration, so why not spend it with your girl friends? Here is a fun and simple (and inexpensive of course) way to celebrate, and have fun all night for a fabulous girls night in. 

What You'll Need!
-Drinks! I suggest something girly and light like the Skinny Girl line of Margaritas and Piña Coladas.  FOR UNDER 21: Sparkling Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Starbucks etc.
-Magazines: You can go out and buy new ones, or sort through your stack of old magazines to save money!
-Strawberries: It's really easy to dip them in choloate!
-Nail Polish: Do your nails, have everyone bring their favorite nail polish and everyone can swap colors for fun DIY manis and pedis. 
-Movies: Let's face it, your guy friends or boyfriends won't watch them with you, so now you can enjoy hours and hours of endless chic flicks without the moaning and groaning of the bored-to-death man sitting to your left. 

For a perfect salt rim, or sugar rim if you just hate salt, line your glass with lime juice....

Put salt on paper plate, and dip margarita glass upside down into salt!


And for the record, I know that I made my Piña Colada look like Margarita. 

Sorry for the explicit Cosmo cover, I didn't realize that until just now......but hey, that is what Cosmo is all about!  But I would suggest reading Elle or Vogue, even Seventeen to avoid the awkward magazine filled with sexual tips. 

Well I hope all the single ladies will be inspired to gather your nearest girl friends and get together for an ASFO approved girls night in!  For all of you independent young women, don't let Valentines Day get you down.....after all, it really is just a made up holiday so that the chocolate factories and flower shoppes can make more money!  
xoxo  -Viktoria!

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