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As a photographer, it's funny to have a fashion blog where I am in front of the lense, not behind I was hesitant to create an Instagram account, because I really didn't want to give into the social media form that "made everyone a photographer". Once I created one, however, I quickly fell in love with it, because let's face it.... people like looking at pictures, seeing what you're wearing, what you're eating, and what you're doing, not reading about it. It still pains my soul slightly to share pictures I took with my phone, but it's fun, and it's a great glimpse into my life. A lot of people have misconceptions of bloggers, I've heard them myself and seen the looks whenever I say I have a fashion blog. It's hard for me to admit, but I'm ashamed I used to be one of them. A lot of people think if you have a career in fashion then you're ditsy, or have no ambition, or you like to shop a lot (well, that's true) but that's not all. Balancing a blog with the rest of my life has become quite difficult because of one little bitty thing that a lot of people don't's A LOT of work. I have a full time class schedule, a full time work load, a nephew to show attention to, and a serious relationship to keep afloat with the little time we have to spend with each other.  Even living together we only see each other for about 2 hours every day, and 75% of that is getting ready for class, or work, or winding down, getting ready for bed. Either way, if you want to get a behind the scenes look at the life me, and my crazy busy schedule, follow me on Instagram. I share my OOTDs when I can't make it into a blog post (since I always look SO GOOD for work and school haha), my delicious meals I whip up for John and myself, previews and some shots of the photo shoots for the blog before they go live and my life as a proud auntie to the cutest nephew in the world! SO FOLLOW ME for a little unfiltered preview into the life of me, and see all the stuff that doesn't make the cut!

These awesome flats I snagged for JUST $12.99 at know how they have those little shoes that aren't even in boxes? Yeah, some of those.  And the metal tips are so on trend right now!

A night with my best friend, auntie cuddles, The Incredibles, and phone doodles!

Some dinner I made a couple weeks ago that turned out fantastic, steamed lemon pepper salmon fillet, roasted red skin potatoes, and garlic green beans!

This awesome shot I captured of my nephew one of the nights I was babysitting.

My new favorite lipstick! Maybelline Vivids! Since reds don't usually look great on my skin tone, I choose and purple, and I can't get enough!

Trying to stay healthy, salmon salad.....bunny food as I call it.

WORK OOTD from my Wednesday shift.

Recognize this?  My first post from the 2013 calender year. 

HELP PROMOTE ME! This is the most recent pic I've done, share this Instagram for a change to have multiple entries in next months giveaway (we'll see if anyone actually reads this and catches this.)

School OOTD from last Tuesday

Found this picture I took with my nephew when he was just 9 months old!

Arm Candy for my nephew's 2nd birthday party!

You very well may or may not be seeing this outfit very soon on my blog....Spring Trends maybe?

InstaLook for Less

My days off are usually J.Crew catalogs and Pretty Little Liars.

My cutesy little doggy!  I got him back for once and for all! 

I love this artwork from my work!

Nutella & Go is perfect for anyone who goes to school and doesn't have much time to eat between classes! I have 10 minutes between 3 multiple hour classes, so I get hungry and usually don't have time to actually go somewhere to eat!

Before we shot our Spring Trends Outfits Post!

During the Inauguration of President Obama......woot woot!

Went to Piada with my favorite mother haha, I am so in love with them it's not even funny, next thing to try....the Lobster Bisque. 

Recognize these?  If you're not on Facebook, often times I'll post to Instagram when I have a new article live on my blog so follow me on there for a heads up on new blog posts. 

From the Valentines Day shoot!

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