Duro Olowu for JCPenney

Fitting Room Photos and First Impressions

Well, this is going to be an easy review, because I knew how I felt about the whole collection before I tried anything on.  I was disappointed for ME! Other women would be able to rock these clothes and look fabulous, after all, the advertisement in In Style magazine made me run to the store this morning to try it on didn't it? Well, the reason I say I didn't like it is because it doesn't lend itself well to women with curves.  And no, by "curves" I'm not trying to say large in a nice way, I'm trying to literally refer to curves, big boobs and big hips.   I am a very confident CURVY women and self proclaimed fashionista, so it goes without saying, that I have LEARNED how to dress for my body type, and I know what does and doesn't look good for me......these clothes, unfortunately do not.   THAT BEING SAID, I don't dislike the collection itself overall, I just wouldn't suggest it to anyone with a body similar to mine.  A Nigerian-born designer with European influences from London, how much better can life get?!? I was pumped to have access to a designer with a very different perspective to fashion, who is releasing clothing in an affordable budget that's in a store as easily accessible as walking into most of your local malls, and finding your local JCPenney.  Anyways, the prints and patterns are so out of this world amazing I can't even put it into words, but the cuts and seam placement didn't seem fitting for a girl with boobs, and Puerto Rican hips.  The models look outstanding in magazines and print ads everywhere, even the website.....so I'm going to show you the pictures I was able to capture.  If you do however, see anything you like, I will link below to the colab on the website, but the best thing to do is visit your local Penney's and check it out for yourself.

 Hope this helps some women out, help support the curvy girl fashionista cause and
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xoxo -Viktoria

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