Spring Trends Series: Outfit 4

Prabal Gurung 2 ways 
 Styling Bold Prints, Dressing them up and toning them down!

When the Prabal Gurung collection got released for Target I was ecstatic. I had been stalking the lookbook, and was there when the stores opened like it was Black Friday.  Every single piece had bold print and patterns, bright colors, and awesome little details.   So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you how to style bold pieces on both ends of the spectrum. One outfit plays up the print and accentuates it by keeping everything else neutral.  The other outfit is mixed with fellow bold pieces to tone it down and blend it right into an everyday look.  

'Flower Hour'
This collection was so much fun to go out and try on to do a review on, but even more fun to style. I started with the tops, and their correspoding shoes and had fun playing around with accesories for each outfit. For outfit A, with the flower-y peplum top, I decided to go with a full skater skirt to create an exhaggerated hourglass shape. It’s very easy to pair a peplum with a pencil skirt/bandage skirt or skinny pants and let the peplum really stand out, but by pairing it with a fuller skirt, you just add to the already voluminous effect, and really accentuate your waist. This is a great option to having both the tiny waist, and hiding your hips and or love handles, if it's something you aren’t so proud of on your body, like me :) After all, dressing your body best is all about accentuating what you’re proudest of, and tucking the rest away! We all have not-so-favorites, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Because the shirt’s print was so overly bold, I did keep the skirt a solid on purpose, you don’t necessarily have to go black, but I would highly suggest avoiding prints, if you’re pairing it with such a stand-out pattern in your blouse. The shoes are Prabal Gurung as well, and very bold too, so I kept accessories to a bare minimum. A matching emerald belt and Aria earrings add the perfect amount of icing to this outfit, and bring the whole look together.

Trends it follows:
Bold Prints

'Non-Pop Neon'
For Outfit B we are playing with patterns and neons. Usually, people use neons as the main component in an outfit, because they are so bold and it's fun to add a pop of neon to any look while keeping the rest neutral. Today, however, I chose to use them as an equal in the outfit, although the print in the blouse is so overly bold, like a hawaiian shirt on steroids, neon accents work with the outfit since the shirt has so many colors. Instead of reaching for a plain pant like black trousers, or a solid denim, I chose olive colored pants. Since the shirt is sort of a floral, it lends itself well to the olive colored pant. Just like in nature, multi-colored flowers look fine against earth tones. These pants you will see again soon, you just won’t know it unless I tell you. They are FlipSide jeans, and they are completely 100% reversible, complete with faux pockets for the full pant effect, cool huh? But don’t get too excited, I’m not going to tell you what the other side looks like quite yet. It was quite thrilling to get something reversible again, I haven’t owned anything like it since the 90’s so its fun to see pieces that incorporate old trends, but that are very 2013 appropriate. The one thing that I really fell in love with when I bought the shirt, is the detailing in the sleeves, the extra inch of mesh just adds that extra little bit of flair. With a shirt like this ladies, make sure you take the extra effort to wear a strapless bra, having a see through sleeve would be ruined with a blatantly visible bra strap. I finished off the look with neon earrings that I got for free with rewards points and PG neon sandals.

Trends it follows:
Bold Prints
Camo/Army Green

I hope you all enjoyed these outift ideas, and they serve as inspiration to any bold tops you may have sitting in your wardrobe being neglected.  Don't be afraid to make a style statement.  After all, what we wear can show a lot about us!  Have a good one, and thanks for reading!
xoxo -Viktoria

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