$200 Viktoria's Favorite Things Giveaway! CLOSED (no more entries)

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Let's be honest here, I wouldn't be where I was with this blog if it weren't for your help and your loyalty, so this is my way of saying thank you for sticking around. All Size Fits One is so much more than a fashion blog, it's my way to show young woman everywhere you don't have to be filthy rich to stay chic and stylish and feel great.  As a mildly teased teenager, because of my clothes, it's nice to inspire some people and have them enjoy my blogging, my fashion advice, and style tips!  Either way though, I'm still a broke college kid at the end of the day, so sorry this giveaway is so long in the making, thanks for being patient and sticking around.  I have yet to obtain the gift card, and Naked Basics Pallet from Urban Decay (once again, broke college kid) but it IS included in your $200 beauty prize package.  Everything you will be receiving is brand new, I actually own more than half of it myself too, so this is kinda like a Favorites Giveaway!!!  Good Luck to everyone entering! And ask if you have any questions! 
What You will get if you win!
Cognac colored tassel handbag!
Starbucks hot and cold beverage REUSABLE tumblers
Chevron Phone Wallet
3 Maybelline Vivids
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palet, Naked Basics
$50 Shopping Spree at Forever21 (Gift Card)
3 Pairs of super cute, on trend Earrings
Delicious Pear Scented Body Lotion!

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