Spring Trends Series: Outfit 2

'Just Peachy'

Remember how last season turquoise and coral were everywhere you looked during the spring and summer?  Well, they stuck around this year but just lost some...."intensity".  Everywhere you look right now you can find more pastel versions of these colors because mint and peach are in high demand for spring 2013.  But how do you style a dress with a multi-colored, easily recognizable pattern like mint and peach butterflies?  By mixing prints, accesorizing with similarly colored jewelry, then toning it all down with a little black.  Mixing prints is easy when you are dealing with opposites, because I have a soft-colored, mild print in the dress, I can easily mix it with a dark-colored, bold print like a B&W striped tote.  For this light spring look I chose a long hanging necklace from Aria because it flows with the dress and you can easily pair it with other looks to easily take them from boring to a little bit more exciting.  I love how this necklace looks like a stone was cracked right in half, with the ridged edge facing outwards.  It brings a tough edge to an otherwise feminine necklace.  To complete the look, I chose some Aztec print wedges and a leather jacket that I bought a month ago, on clearance of course!
Trends it follows:

Mint & Peach
Aztec-esque Prints
Flirty Leather
Bold Black and White Stripes

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit idea for rocking multiple Spring Trends in the same look, and looking effortlessly put together.  Mixing prints can be a bit overwhelming but just follow my tips and tricks and you should pull it off flawlessly!  Stay tuned for more outfits coming soon, and follow me on your favorite social mediaLinks are now added to the top of my homepage now for easier access through every article!  
xoxo - Viktoria

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