My St. Patricks Day Outfits!

We now interrupt the Spring Trends Series for this brief blog post! 
Hey Readers, I just thought I would take the extra effort to wake up early, so I could change twice, take pictures and show you what I'll be wearing today!  It's never too late for an outfit idea, especially since most people who celebrate go out at night anyway.  I hope you guys have fun celebrating with your family and friends, enjoy the holiday, stay safe, and enjoy these outfit ideas!  

What I'm Wearing to Work!
Yes, I work weekends, and I'm required to stay looking good.  Business casual, with a fashionable twist is my dress code every day.  I'm blessed to have landed a dream job, with amazing opportunities, exposure, and the most lenient dress code ever! So I like to have fun with my outfits and holidays are a great excuse to go a little quirky!  Today, I'm wearing a polka dot dress and converse lo tops, because apparently I'm 5 years old.  But in all seriousness, who says you can't have fun every once and while, fashion doesn't always happen to be serious.  I find myself wearing colored converse every chance I can, and plan my look accordingly.  This necklace is on loan, but gorgeous, so it was the perfect icing for my outfit for St. Patty's day.  Which bring me to my point, if you don't want to be cliche and wear green clothes, Mardi Gras beads or St. Patrick's goggles, go for green jewelry! 

What I'm wearing out tonight!
In all honesty, I bought these pants for my Spring Trends Series, for the cool tones looks which have yet to be posted. Well, I ended up changing the outfits up a little bit, and the green pants got the boot. I still love them though, and got them for $10 on clearance at JCP. For my night look, I'm wearing leopard on leopard, and I never ever do this. I do think, however, exceptions can be made. One way is if your leopard prints match perfectly, the main thing you want to avoid is wearing mismatching prints, of the same pattern, together in one look. The other way, is if one end of the outfit is minor, and the other is major. You can easily get away with a leopard trim on your blouse, and a leopard bag, or shoes like me.  

 I hope you all enjoyed these outfits, and maybe get some inspiration for what to wear while you celebrate tonight! If you're over 21 please drink responsibly, and have a DD planned out.  There is no harm in having fun, as long as you're safe getting home. Happy St. Patricks Day All. 

Thanks for reading!
 xoxo -Viktoria

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