Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas!

Valentines day is just TWO DAYS AWAY and I know what you're thinking. "I have nothing to wear!" Well, I accept that challenge, believe me, you can find something! Since Valentine's Day is one of those "made up holidays" as I like to call it, there is no real need to go out of your way to buy new clothes specifically for your date night, or whatever it is that you may be doing to celebrate. I guarantee you can find some outfits that have been hiding under your nose and this is how....

For the Girly Girl....
You know those white pants of yours that you usually wear in the spring and early summer? Well, why not wear them for winter? Winter whites have been huge this season and all over the runways of all the most well know fashion designers, from Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs, a well done white never goes out of style. Take any cute summer tank and belt it at the waist with an oversize blazer in your favorite Valentine's Day color! For those young women in the chillier cities, this outfit is the perfect balance of keeping warm and keeping yourself stylish.

Maybelline Brazen Berry- VIVIDs Line

 Blush Blazer: Lauren Conrad
Tank: Sears Clearance
Belt: Target Clearance
Pants: Gifted, EXPRESS
Shoes: Payless (Old)
Bracelet: Aria
Ring: Homemade by madre

For the Lady with a body..... 
If your body is shaped anything like mine and your "fluff" is distributed like mine, you have fuller thighs, a smaller natural waist and then big boobs. A GREAT way to dress your body is with this effortlessly chic outfit: a bandage skirt and a peplum. By wearing a bandage skirt, or a pencil skirt if you want to go a little bit looser, you can wear it as high or as low as you want. Keep the hem right at the bottom of the fattest part of your leg so that your legs appear thinner. A peplum either hides your large boobs, if you wear a loose one, or gives you more up top, if you wear a tight one, and the ruffle will cover up any stomach pudge or muffin top you don't want showing, if you have any.....I know I do :) Also, a peplum is the most flattering top to wear if your body shape is "hourglass" like mine where your breast and hip measurement is practically twice the size of your natural waist, because it synches at your waist, giving you curves in all the right places.

Top: Kohls on sale + Kohls Cash
Skirt: Dido
Shoes: Target Clearance

For the Laid Back Chick......
A fun and easy way to stay festive this V-day is by breaking out those Burgundy Jeans we all have from Fall. Whether you already owned a pair, or took my suggestion and went out and bought a pair, they work perfectly for this upcoming holiday for those of you who want to stay comfortable and take a more laid back approach to turning heads. I completed the look with a graphic tee that has made it through dozens of wardrobe cuts over the past 6 years. I got it my freshman year, on clearance at Forever21 for a couple bucks. Choose your favorite neutral colored cardigan for cuteness and comfort, and stay cute with a good 'ol pair of Chuck Taylors (or your favorite sneaker)!

sorry it's upside down but it's Creme Brulee #095, Revlon Lip Butters

Tank: Forever 21 Clearance
Cardigan: Target Clearance
Burgundy Jeans: Target Clearance 
Converse: Journeys
Watch: Charming Charlies
Bracelet/Earrings: My mom made them!  
Ring: She made that too!   

For the Woman with a Sports Loving Valentine.....
Now, this is a way to turn your date's head. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is a sports lover, steal their jerseys! This is a great way to get their attention on your Valentine's date. If you want to girl-ify it up a bit, wear a leopard print skirt for added sexiness and heels to elongate your legs. Add a blazer so it's not too bi-polar looking because with heels and a sports jersey you're bound to confuse a few people.  A blazer is the perfect icing to this outfit cake.  It is a great finishing piece that is both classy, and edgy.

Shoes: DSW Clearance
Skirt: Thrifted
Jersey: Ebay, Gifted
Blazer: Target Clearance (OLD)

I hope this gives you some ideas and there is at least one outfit in here that matches your personal style.  Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!!!! <3
 xoxo -Viktoria

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