Countdown to Valentines Day! 01.01.2013

Throughout the month, I will be showing you little tricks and tips to having the best Valentines day possible!  From gift ideas and make-up inspiration, to outfit ideas for whatever your special day will become! I hope you all enjoy these little posts....keep checking back every day for budget friendly V-day inspiration! :)

 For the couples who live together.... 
One very simple, and budget friendly way to celebrate with your special someone is the ever so classic "Dinner and a Movie", with an AllSizeFitsOne twist!  This may be one of the most inexpensive options for people who are on a tight budget and can't afford to spend $100 on roses and fancy chocolates.   You aren't going to go out to a fancy restaurant, or spend $30 at a movie theater for 2 tickets and popcorn, do it from home.  Even if you aren't a cook, there are many ways to create a delicious meal with no fuss, and little risk of burning the food or yourself!  For our meal, I choose "Italian".... even though John's favorite food type is Mexican (yuck!), Italian food is all "romantic", I mean....if Disney's Lady and the Tramp can share a plate of spaghetti, you can too.   I chose my version of chicken Parmesan, with garlic bread on the side!  If you aren't a cook, you can buy the pre-made garlic bread, and if you can't deal with the hassle of triple dipping and breading your chicken for the perfect Parmesan, just make spaghetti!
 For the extra little something something to make your dinner romantic, buy candles, this cinnamon roll candle I got for a buck at my local Family Dollar!  It smells like heaven, comes in a cute little re-usable candle dish, and adds the right extra little hint of romance to your one on one meal! 

Oh yeah, just in case you were wondering, to buy the chicken, breadcrumbs, eggs (all for the chicken parmesan), pasta, sauce, candles, and cost me $12.

A very inexpensive alternative to going out, is staying in. Whether you watch a movie you already own, rent one from your DVR for $5.00 or even get a RedBox overnight, (rentals are just $1 a night), this will definitely save you about $30, and is even more romantic because you can snuggle up on a couch together, and you don't have to be uncomfortable around people you don't know. To add a little movie theater flair, RUN to your local target, and get these Popcorn tubs, they are at target's nationwide, in the dollar section! They have two versions or either the one pictured below, or a classic old fashion red option. Popcorn is super cheap to buy if you have the patience to make it on your stove, or you can buy the already portioned out, microwave bags, for about $5.
              To stop any arguments over which movie to watch, turn your phones off, hide any social media distractions and you each pick your favorite one, so your man will have to sit through your chic flick and you'll have to sit through his 2 hour filled testosterone party. Everybody wins! (and if your favorite movie is the same, you're the exception).  

I hope you all enjoyed this V-day idea!  You can personalize it with your favorite meal, your favorite movies, and your favorite popcorn! 
 xoxo -Viktoria
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