FF: Lunks at the Gym

Living in the heart of Ohio there are two things I've rarely experienced: tornadoes and earthquakes.  The closest earthquakes I have ever come to are the men at the gym who are lifting and then SLAM the weights down so hard the ground shakes.

They scream, they yell, I'm pretty sure they have a fake tan, and sometimes they are so ripped they look like they are abusing steroids. They hit on the girls who are below a size 2 only, with better biceps than my boyfriend's, which just adds to my insecurity that I have a little extra fluff. I KNOW my sportsbra isn't doing it's job, and I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. Well, if you want to avoid all that jazz and find a gym that you'll blend right into, I have the answer....

             Not only do they have by far the funniest commercials on t.v but they are a very chill gym. Inviting people,  kind staff (where I've been at least) and a very welcoming atmosphere. The walls and equipment are purple and yellow- fun right? And the subliminally placed thumbs-ups everywhere don't exactly hurt your attitude either. I used to ignore the commercials and just passed it off as funny and clever advertising, but boy am I glad I actually went and checked it out. Now I can't take all the credit; John actually signed up before me when he entered his fitness competition, but I'm still happy I ended up there, let's just say that.

             I walked in the first day and I saw people who looked like me, with some extra love on their body, weird clothes that aren't all name brand, old high school tees and off brand shorts- not Nike and Under Armor with matching sweatbands. I loved it right away. I was still nervous to work out because a lot of excersizes make you look ridiculous. But once I got into the flow of things, I loved it.  If there ever were a gym for a struggling college kid to join (or anyone struggling financially for that matter), it's Planet Fitness. Why? Oh, it's just $10 a month....which I HIGHLY doubt you DON'T have. Shoot, I would bet money that you've gotten Starbucks twice in the past 30 days. There's your monthly gym cost right there, AND it's open 24/7! Now, let me clarify before I get ahead of myself, the $10 is the no contract option which I would suggest since young people's schedules seem to change at the drop of a dime and you don't want to be trapped paying a gym membership if you move or something. Another perk, the FREE stuff they give you when you sign up. I am easily amused so my opinion may be biased but they give you a little window sticker for your car with a thumbs up on it, a free t-shirt (even though mine was a XXL so I wear it as a p.j shirt) and a free pen (umm, yay?) that writes in PURPLE! (yeah that's right, more exciting now?) Once a month, they also have free pizza, and they also have a free bagel breakfast.

There is ONE MORE FREE THING you can get too.......but you're just going to have to come back next week to find out! :)

I hope you all enjoyed my FIRST FF article! Stay tuned for the fun stuff with pictures, soon to come. Love you all, stay fit! xoxo -Viktoria

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