What I Wore To My Meeting!

This morning was my first real professional business meeting.  And luckily I was talking about myself and pitching my blog to a women who (already biased) loved fashion.  I would be lying to say we didn't get mildy side tracked for second talking about the designer collections for Target.  Either way, just a quick update post with what I choose to wear.  In my opinion, business professional attire changes based on your career.  Since I was discussion a fashion blog, I went slightly out of the box and choose to wear this.

In keeping with the whole meaning of my blog, this whole outfit is very budget friendly.  My dress is from Marshalls, I got it for my birthday last year but when the dinner got cancelled I never got to wear it, I busted it out for one night while in Vegas last July, but never really got to wear it again, until today.

 My necklace is from Aria, I always forget to take my jewelry off after work, so this one snuck home with me, I'm really tempted to buy it though. 
My cognac cross body is also from work.  I've been eyeballing it since I started working there.  The whole line of handbags is definitely inspired by Tory Burch, each with gold medallions on them.    Cognac and Royal Blue look great together, and it easily tied in to my shoes.  They are from the DSW clearance rack :) I finished off my look with a cream colored blazer I got at the Calvin Klein Outlet last summer, for just $20!!! 

I hope you all are having a great day! My meeting went well, be looking out for me on iHeart Radio if all goes as planned! xoxo -Viktoria

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