Welcome to Fitness Fridays (FF)

Today, I'm introducing a new series called Fitness Fridays.  Every Friday I will share something new with you that deals with Health and Fitness in some way, shape or form.....and this is why. In light of recent life events, and strides in my relationship, I have decided to start a healthy lifestyle change with my boyfriend by my side. It all started when he entered a "beef up" competition (since the skinny guys can't enter the weight loss competitions) at work and I saw tremendous results that he achieved by devising his own workouts and doing his research. He put on weight, and a significant amount of muscle.  Eventually he sucked me in and I decided to start my journey too, with my amazing boyfriend my my side, helping me out and doing nothing but encouraging me every step of the way.  

Before I jump into my first article though, let me get this out of the table so that nobody gets the wrong idea or thinks I am being hypocritical.  I am all about every size, and DO NOT condone the fashion industry insinuating that only skinny women are beautiful.  No matter what your size is though, I wish a healthy, long life upon everybody.  In my opinion, you can be any size, tiny or curvy and be healthy, so that is the journey I am beginning.  I'm not necessarily trying to loose pounds or inches, I'm just trying to get healthier and stay in shape, and eventually get rid of my asthma all together.  I want to eat better, breathe better, and feel better on the inside by drastically changing my AWFUL eating habits and other things too.  If I tone up in the process that's obviously an added bonus, but I have no intention of loosing my size.  

I am more than comfortable in my current body and want to set an example to young women everywhere.  You don't have to change who you are, no matter your size on the outside, to love yourself and be loved in return but you still need to take care of yourself on the inside.  SO please follow me along as I share my healthy journey, my meals, recipes I try, my gym experiences, lifestyle posts , updates, Gym OOTDs and much much more. Oh yeah, one teeny tiny thing I forgot to mention.  Healthy living is expensive, there is not way around that....or is there? It wouldn't be ASFO if I weren't saving money, so you bet your college-kid-income butt, I'm doing healthy MY WAY, on a budget!! I hope you all enjoy Fitness Fridays! Stay tuned :) Love you all

xoxo -Viktoria

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