How to Style Old Navy Scarf Print Blouses!

Old Navy has done it again, with their amazing new scarf print blouses.  Staying on trend as usual, they released this amazingly gorgeous sleeveless blouse that looks about 10 times more expensive than what you pay for it.  I have always been a sucker for scarf print anything, so it goes without saying that I literally could not go without purchasing this shirt.  If you haven't already noticed, scarf prints, tunic style shirts, and ethnic-esque tops are right on trend for Spring/Summer 2013.  From high end stores and designer runways to super affordable stores like Old Navy, everyone is releasing their versions.  If you're anything like me though, you can't exactly buy a $200 shirt, so one that sells for $29.94 is much more doable.  I love that their stores actually carry sizes for the normal woman, like me, going from a XS to a XXL, which not a lot of stores offer.  You can go shopping with your girlfriends of all shapes and sizes and everyone can leave happy, with clothing that fits fabulously. 

After I noticed that they had a 20% off promo one day, I ran to their store to get the shirt you see below, and immediately ran home to throw it on my mannequin and see how I could style it.  Cobalt blue looks great on everyone, but pairing it with other colors can sometimes pose as a challenge.  For my two looks, I wanted to show you how to dress up and dress down this sleeveless blouse.   For both looks, I used the colors from the shirt as the inspiration for the whole outfit.

Dressing it up:
There are little orange flowers all over my shirt, and a barely noticeable red zig-zag line, but I wanted to play off the orange.  It's the forgotten pairing in my opinion, blue and orange, but it looks SO GOOD together.  For this first look, I paired the blouse, tucked in, with a basic coral pencil skirt, and nude peep toe heels to keep the attention on the outfit itself.  For accessories I have little orange triangle earrings, also from Old Navy, and a light cotton spring scarf.  I love scarves, and I think some people forget that you can wear them year round as long as they are the right material.  If you want to buy a spring scarf for your wardrobe, click here!

Dressing it down:
For this look, I took a slight fashion risk and wore more than 2 forms of the same color.  I always used to think, "what the heck do you wear with blue?" so I don't have a lot of it in my wardrobe.  But then it hit me, blue goes with......other blue, duh! So for this look, I just paired my blue blouse with tons of other blue tones.  A turquoise stone necklace that I got on a street stand in Arizona and these green/blue flats that I got at the Old Navy outlet store.  Distressed jeans add another shade of light blue, and I completed the all blue look with a snake textured blue crossbody satchel that I tucked the straps into so it looks like a clutch.

If you like my look make sure to buy my shirt here!

Old Navy really has some super cute and affordable stuff right now for a normal size girl like me.  It makes my day to see a store that doesn't just cater to the skinnier woman.  Thank you all for stopping buy, Love you all, stay stylish!
xoxo -Viktoria

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