Memorial Day Lookbook: What to Wear Where

I've said before and I'll say it again; The best way to ensure you're getting more for your money, while building a wardrobe, is to buy versatile pieces that can be styled multiple ways.  Another thing I've said about your wardrobe spending is that it is okay to splurge a little bit for things like you're birthday, or special occasions, like weddings or a new job.   Although I don't completely disregard Memorial Day (I do come from a military family after all) it's not a holiday that I would necesarily ever consider buying new clothes specifically for.  So, for my Memorial Day Look Book, each outfit has something you've seen in a prior outfit, just to prove that your wardrobe can be styled so many different ways.  Can you guess what each piece is and where you've seen it before you read the answer? Let's see.....

What to Wear to a Cookout/Picnic:
This look is really fun and comfortable to wear if you're invited to a cookout or picnic.  Gingham print and cookouts go hand in hand for obvious reasons, so as an homage to picnic blankets everywhere we're busting out an old favorite as the center piece to this look.  You've seen it before in another outfit layered over a neon tank and worn open.  For this look, however, we're wearing it under a sleeveless denim dress, which is a staple piece for summer if you ask me.  To add some fun to the look, throw on a fun costume jewelry necklace, like these layered pearls from Forever21 (old).  White sandals complete the look, and give your feet room the breathe and keep the outfit looking spring-y, and your feet stay comfortable.  Now, the woven belt is optional because this dress came with a drawstring at the waist, but I just love the combination of cognac and denim, and it looks amazing with black (if ever you want to wear brown and black in the same outfit).

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What to Wear to Work:
Let's face it, the only place open on Memorial Day is the mall.  And there is a pretty good chance if you're a college kid, you work at one.  So if you're job is any average retail shop, you can wear pretty much whatever, and your boss really doesn't care, as long as you're boobs aren't falling out or something.  Well, this is a fun way to celebrate Memorial Day if you're one of the unfortunate ones who has to work it, like myself :( For this look we're staying classic 'Merica head to toe with the good ol' red, white, and blue.  I like to wear a dark jeans in the spring, where I would have worn black skinnies in the winter, to stay season appropriate while keeping the look virtually the same.  I'm wearing this white peplum blouse, that JCPenney was selling for just $10 and a stars and striped scarf for....well, you know.  Instead of going with a predictable red pump, I went with a metallic pump instead which is what you have seen with another outfit before.  There, it was paired with coral and turquoise, and off-set rose gold jewelry.

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What to Wear to a Formal Event:
Sometimes, you have to dress up.  I'm sure places nationwide will be having ceremonies to honor the fallen soldiers, and it would be appropriate to look nicer for any events you may have to go to.  Here is an outfit idea for you if you need to dress up, and cover up, but still stay spring chic.  You want to stick to lighter colors if you're going to be outside for some reason, but stay comfy so reach for a cream colored or white blouse with no buttons.  I paired mine with a snake print pencil skirt (a must have for growing women who still want to have some fun with fashion, but keep the length age appropriate) and nude pumps to keep the attention on the outfit.  To add a fun little pop of color I choose this simple patent yellow belt from Forever 21.  To complete the look, I wore my super recognizable Turq Elsa necklace from that I have worn a couple times now on the blow, can you remember which outfits?

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I hope you all enjoyed these ideas for Memorial Day tomorrow.   If you like what you see, leave a comment below.  Stay stylish, xoxo 

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