Spring Trends Series: Outfit 10 How to Wear Camo & Neon

4 Outfit Options for the Every Day Woman
(on a budget of course)
I’ve always loved Camouflage as a print. It has been in my wardrobe in one way or another since I was a little girl, and it made it past years and years of wardrobe cuts and donations to the thrift shop. Well, one year, around 4th or 5th grade, I got rid of mostly all of the camo that I owned after I over wore it for about a year and everything I had left was so tattered it was un-wearable. So when it came back into trend this past season, I was thrilled. But seeing as I hadn’t worn it since I was 10 I need a little outfit inspiration, so I hit up my favorite place to get that, Pinterest. I found tons of combinations that I loved, but the one that stuck with me the most was camo and neon. Both are right on trend for Spring 2013. You know the rest ;)

Trends it all follows:

 'Pop of Neon'
For those of you who don’t think you’re bold enough to pull off neon clothing, a great way to ease yourself into the trend is with a little pop of neon. The foundation of this outfit is pretty simple, a black bandage skirt, and a grey boyfriend tee, which I tied at the bottom for a little flair. Tying your shirt also creates lines (in the folds) that weren’t there before and makes your outfit slightly more dynamic. It also makes your waist appear smaller, and creates more diagonal lines which are also slimming. The camo in this outfit is simply in the form of a button up shirt, that we’re wearing undone, with rolled up sleeves to stay cool. Now, for a little pop of neon I’m wearing pumps from Target, and a old neon necklace from H&M that you have also seen before.  

ASFO Trivia Question 1: Where else have I worn this necklace?*
Sorry for the squinting, it was really hard to keep my eyes open in the sun :)

Get the Look Now:
Shirt: Forever 21
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Skirt: Target
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Heels: Target
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Tee: Target 
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Necklace: Etsy
(buy it here)   

'Neon as an Accessory'
One of my favorite ways to add a little neon for my wardrobe is by using it as an accessory. This way, you’re outfit can stay mostly normal but you can still have a little fun. For this look, we’re doing my favorite thing, mixing prints, and wearing camo is the form of skinny jeans, and pairing it with a striped blouse. Since the camo is so faded (on purpose) unlike other camo pants, it was really easy to pair it with a bold print, like this black and white striped chiffon blouse.  Although the blouse is long sleeve, it's lightweight material allows for breathing room, so you won't overheat in the sun.   

ASFO Trivia Question 2: Where else have I worn these pants?*

Get The Look Now:
Shirt: Forever21

Pants: Forever 21

 Clutch: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden  

'Neon Spotlight'
If you don't mind taking a fashion risk and stepping out of the house with a 'screw you fashion community, I want to look like a giant highlighter today' mentality...then this is the outfit for you.  Now this one isn't one you can't easily replicate unless you happen to have an obnoxiously bright blazer like me, but it's still really fun and fashion forward.  For this look, I'm wearing a blazer that you've seen before, but I paired it with a very simple men's camo tank top for Forever21.  I spring-ified the look by wearing white skinnies and nude pumps, then went arm candy crazy with stacked bracelets including my newest love, a BCBG bracelet that says FEARLESS. 

ASFO Trivia Question 3: What season did I bust out this blazer for before?*  
 Get the Look Now:
Blazer: Forever 21
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Pants: Old Navy
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Muscle Tee: Forever 21
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Bracelet: BCBG
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Pumps: Nine West
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'Neon, Neon H2T '
(head to toe...stole that from Tyra Banks!)

Although I hate the phrase "idiot proof" that is what this very outfit is.  When I saw this maxi at Target, I was immideatley drawn to the color, but when I tried it on I fell even more in love.  You can wear a bra with full straps and support (well endowed girls, you feel my pain right?).  Let me tell you really quick, the WORST things about having a huge upper body, other than the 24/7 back pain, is that awful moment when you find an adorable dress that you can't wear because you just can't go bra-less, or wear a strapless.  So  yes, this dress is awesome, super comfy, very affordable, and VERY flattering for any figure.  So for the outfit, we kept it as simple as could be, neon dress, neon sandals, and a camo jacket.  Since the dress is so plain, and a solid color, have fun with the jacket, so mine has leather sleeves and spiked shoulders.  I've seen dozens of camo jackets being sold with lots of patches, spikes, studs, and other jewles that I didn't think I would like, but really, they work great for simple outfits like this.  My sandals (featured here) have rose gold hardware so I finished off the look with a (you might want to sit down for this) TEN DOLLAR rose gold watch that looks expensive, feels very heavy, and is SO affordable it's not even funny. 

Get the Look Now:
Jacket: Forever 21
Sandals: Target
Maxi Dress: Target
Rose Gold Watch: Target

Thank you all so much for reading, this article took me FOR-EV-ER to write, and publish.  I probably won't be posting any outfit with neon and camo together for a while, but you know you'll see these pieces again.  Remember, we're not celebrities, we don't just wear stuff once and never see it again.  Versatility is the best way to ensure a worth while wardrobe, and validate your spending.  Stay tuned for many more articles to come, I'll be blogging my butt off all summer long :D xoxo -Viktoria

For outfit requests, e-mail allsizefitsone@yahoo.com

Trivia Answers:
1.) This necklace was featured in an article where I discussed wearing hand-me downs, and teach you how to dress them up and make them look chic.  I wore my sister's old shirt that is older than me, and paired it with the necklace.  To read that article, click here.

2.)  These pants you have seen before, but you just don't know it.  Remember the Flip Side denim, worn in my 'How to Style Prabal Gurung 2 ways' article? The camo print is the reverse side of the olive skinnies worn in Outfit 2.  To read that article, click here.

3.)  I busted this blazer out towards the end of fall, arguably the beginning of winter, when it started to get cold out here in Ohio.  It was featured in a "mega post" where I showed you a L4L, OOTD, and H2Style article. Proof that some pieces can be worn year round, season to season, as long as you style them properly.  To read that article, click here.

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