FF: Healthy, Yet Filling, Meals That I Enjoy

Following me on Instagram @allsizefitsoneblog is the easiest way to see what I eat.  I'm constantly taking pictures of my meals, and if you're already following me, you'll notice that I'm always eating new and exciting things.  My meals are very colorful, which is one of the quickest ways to make sure you're eating healthy. Color usually means veggies, and no color usually means bleached, or processed.  White bread, regular pasta, mashed potatoes, rice.  But look at a salad, green leaves, red bell peppers, orange carrots, yellow corn, purple beets, brown spices in the dressing, orange cheese, and more.  Well, if you're already following me on Instagram, sorry...but you've seen all these pictures already.  But now, I'm going to explain in great detail what each one is, and why it's a way healthier option than a double cheeseburger.  Also, I like to be full, even though most nutritionists will tell you if you eat until you feel full, you ate too much.   So yes, these meals are very filling, and for those extra busy days where you need a little snack, well.....that will be in a later post.

This is a Piada pasta bowl, because sometimes....we don't cook at home, shocking I know.  I have them put a tiny bit of marinara rather than Alfredo because Alfredo is cheese and cream/butter based, and marinara is tomato based.  In my bowl I will always get artichokes, grilled chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, eggplant, some mozzarella, and a side of pesto.  I like to have about 3 parts veggies to every one part of meat.  It makes the bowl taste fantastic, and cuts back on the not so good for you stuff. 

This is a homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich.  It is on 7 grain wheat bread, and has (top down) avocado, sprouts, chicken salad, cucumber slices, and spinach.  Anywhere I can replace plain lettuce with spinach I will because it is just that much more better for you.  My chicken salad was about 1/3 mayo and 2/3 Lite Ceasar salad dressing to cut back on calories, and seasoned with S&P and onion powder. 

Sushi, it's so low in calories its not even funny, and you can always ask a restaurant if they can make it with brown rice instead of white.  This is a mix of salmon, white fish, shrimp and eel.  Delicious!

This is a very simple breakfast that I will make myself if I happen to have time, and avocados lol.  It's not a dish, it's just a combination of a few things, so you can probably easily make it.  As a joke, I call it "Ghetto Egg's Benedict" but all it is is 2 eggs over easy, that I lay over 2 pieces of sandwich meat ham, that I heated up in a skillet.  Half an avocado, sliced with S&P and a couple cherry tomatoes, usually wash it all down with a cup of coffee. 

Salad with Cucumber, broiled chicken, bacon, peas, and mushrooms.

Oatmeal, with raisins, strawberry, and bananas. Instead of sugar I season with honey and cinnamon.

Not homemade :( Bob Evans Cobb Salad!

Cajun Chicken and Brussels Sprouts.

If I'm ever feeling kind of gross and like I've overeaten for a while, I will substitute a couple meals for a veggie plate.  Sliced cucumber with tuna salad, a kiwi, and carrots with hummus (and my vitamins)

Chicken Salad Sandwich: Ceasar Dressing instead of Mayo, Turkey Bacon, and Lettuce on Whole Wheat Toast.

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