Look For Less: Blogger Edition

'Leopard & Lips Re-Done'
I'm often doing L4Ls on shoes, most of which I don't actually own or maybe aren't my style, but I still take the time to share with you all in case anyone wants to buy them.  Well, I've been asked by a reader to do a Look For Less on an outfit if possible, so that is what I'm doing today :)  This time, I'm copying a fellow fashion blogger, and one of my favorites to read, Jessica Sturdy from 'Bows & Sequins'.  I love mostly all of her outfits, but one stuck out in my head and I've wanted the opportunity to re-create it since she posted her article, in February.  Take a look at what she wore, and then I will explain further. 
[ Photo courtesy of Bows & Sequins Blog, I do not own copyright, no infringement intended ]
She actually wore her look in winter, as you can see by the snow behind her, so my first challenge was re-creating the same outfit, but keeping it spring appropriate.  Now, FORTUNATELY, I already had a bizarre pair of leopard pants, mine from Forever 21. All I needed at this point was the lips tee, so naturally...I hit up Ebay.  I was lucky enough to find a very similar tee, mine had sequins though, her's had glitter, but I got the same effect.  Everything else just fell into place with a little styling, so let's just break down the outfits, and see how cost effective my look for less really is :) Now, I am only comparing the basics of the outfit, seeing as I don't have a bag or coat on so naturally that would make her outfit WAY more expensivee.  I also left jewelry out since I can't find the cost of what she's wearing, and we're actually wearing the same bracelet anyways, the Pave Crystal Link Bracelet, from J.Crew.....a fashion blogger must have. It's like a blogger initiation piece ;)

Jessica's Look                        vs.                     My Look

Lips Tee: Marcus Lupfer $140.00                                                     Ebay $14.99
Leopard Pants: Zara: $90 (if I remember correctly)                       Forever21 $29.90
Blazer: Gibson roughly $88.00                                                       Thrifted $2.50
Booties: Vince Camuto $159.00                           (Christian Siriano for Payless $19.99)
Total Outfit Cost*: _______________________________________________________ 
             $477.00                                                                                $68.00 

Check out my previous post for shoes listed above, (click here)

Hopefully, this proves HOW SIMILAR of a look you can create for so much less. And save money while staying just as chic as a New York Fashionista.  Thank You Jessica, for the amazing outfit idea, it inspired me to find a Lips Tee, and I can't wait to find other ways to style it in the future. I hope you all enjoyed this article.

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