FF: 10 Quick Tips for Staying Healthy & Active

1.) Green Tea- It has been studied and has been linked to many health benefits, some even arguing an aid in weight loss/ boost in your metabolism so I like to start the day off with either unsweetened hot tea or sweetened with Equal cold tea.

2.) Vitamins- Although I hate taking medicine, I take a Women's multivitamin after I eat breakfast to make sure my body is getting everything it needs.

3.) 1 liter of water- I have found that if I constantly sip water all day I stay fuller longer, and I make sure to drink at least 1 liter of water daily, it also helps your skin stay healthy and fresh.

4.) Start Healthy, End Healthy- Personally, if I eat a healthy breakfast I find that the rest of my day follows.  If I have eaten a healthy or light breakfast then I don't want to ruin my good start, and I feel obligated to eat a healthy lunch and a well balanced dinner.

5.) Walk Every Day- I know a full fledged workout may not be obtainable for everybody day to day, but even finding 15-20 minutes to just go for a stroll every day keeps everything flowing, and keeps you mildy active enough to ease your mind and get away from technology for a minute.  Another thing too, most of the time if I go for a walk at the end of the day, even if I just plan on being outside for just 10 mintues, I always end up walking longer, especially if you have a walking buddy.

6.) Buy a "Finish Line" Piece- I know it sounds superficial, but one thing that works for me, is buying an article of clothing for the summer that is 1/2 to a full size smaller than I need for a little added fashion inspiration to achieve the body I'm looking forward too.

7.) Exercise at Home- Even though options like Planet Fitness are only $10 a month, even that is unobtainable for some people.  I'm a college kid, I've been there. A good option is to workout from home, no weights necessary by doing lunges, squats, toe raises etc (and you can even watch t.v while you do them).

8.) Snack more than you eat- I always carry little snacks in my purse every day even if my schedule is jam packed and I know I WILL have time to eat, they come in handy for those days when hunger creeps up on you, it saves you from having to buy fast food.

9.) Get into a schedule- The time I have the biggest inconsistency's in what I eat is when I have an inconsistency in my schedule day to day.  Working retail means some days I work at 10 and some days I work at 6 which means I wake up anywhere from 8am to 2pm and sometimes my breakfast is eaten at lunch, and my lunch is eaten at 9pm.

10.)  Portion Control- My biggest problem with weight GAIN in the past has been eating too much, not necessarily eating poorly in general, but my portions. The easiest thing I can say is what HOW MUCH you eat, and never eat until you are full.  You brain doesn't register you are full until about 10 minutes after your stomach is actually full. And if you are a fast eater, that means you could potentially be doing some serious overeating.  So eat smaller portions, eat slower, and if you find yourself hungry later, eat a snack to hold you over until your next meal. 

Thanks for reading, check the F.F archive for updated articles. Stay Fit xoxo -Viktoria

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