How my birthday started off great, with the help of some nice ladies, and free belts.

I’m pretty sure some people call it an “omen”....whether it is good or bad. You know, you buy a new house and the first day you loose your key, or you get a perm and then it starts pouring outside. Well, for me, it was a good kind of omen, that all started at JCPenney. 
We actually have to go back months ago to when they released dozens of styles of new spring dresses. Well, I had my eye on one, but being $45 I just couldn’t afford it, then it got worse. One day, I was looking at the dresses again, and noticed that their prices were jacked up even higher, so now I REALLY couldn’t afford this adorable spring dress. Well then, a couple days ago, things took a turn for the better. The very dress I had been stalking for weeks, was on clearance, for $24!!!! Yeah, pretty much half the price, and of course, I had to try it on. Well, I found my size, a 12 (having hips and boobs will do that double digit trickery to ya) and tried it on, but it fit a little off, so I wanted to go down a size.  Of course they only had 8s and 14s in stock. UGH! AND the zipper on this 12 was coming off....and it was the last one left. So I put the dress on hold to sleep on it, and my sleep only made me want it even more, so I ended up going back for it the next day. So now, I go into Penneys to pick up my dress and a little voice said to go over and check the clearance section (honestly I was just making sure they didn’t further discount them overnight, before I went straight to the counter) and lo and behold, they had a 10! It fit me like a glove, but then I noticed one sad, teeny tiny issue, the cute little bow belt that it came with was gone broken, the belt was attached, but someone kidnapped the bow part. Now I felt like the dress was incomplete. So I was still planning on getting my dress, but out of curiosity I asked the sales associate ringing me out if they may have a spare belt for that dress, with the little bow. 
I wasn’t planning on asking, or being a nuisance, but since she looked friendly I figured I’d take the risk. After I asked, my kind cashier smiled, disappeared below the counter, and emerged, with the biggest box of belts, I have ever seen in my life. All tangled in, well, a cluster f**k. So she laughed, and explained that these are all the belts that have divorced their dresses, and then got lost in Penneys, and abandoned. She was nice enough to help me find any belt that would pair well with my dress, and we ended up swapping out the bow belt for a cute pastel yellow one, and a patent leather black one (that’s right, she gave me an extra belt cuz she is super awesome, and nice).  Along our belt finding journey, another cashier walked up, and she helped up find something to match.  So with the help of two kind sales associate, and about 15 minutes of chatting, and them taking the time to help me out I left JCPenney with a huge smile on my face, a clearance dress, and a birthday outfit for dinner. My birthday started of fantastic because of these ladies, and today was the day itself.  
  Brita and Sara if you are reading, thank you so much for all of your help, it made for a fun little Sunday night after work moment! 

Today, I turned 22.  I'm not 21 anymore, and all of the "important" birthdays are over :( I had a fantastic 2 days off work, and I had fun wearing my birthday dress to dinner with my boyfriend.  I saw my nephew for a minute AND started my closet journey with new hangers (blog post to come).  I received some amazing gifts, and had a blast spending time with John, an uninterrupted 24 hours was nice for a change.  

To my 21st year of life, goodbye, we had a good 365 days together, and I'm sorry I only bought booze twice, but I'll make up for it until I die! 21 was fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but no more "fun and exciting" birthdays.  Time to grow up, it's weird how a difference in 24 hours can make you feel so, old.  Well all, I'm going to finish off my night now, I hope you all like my dress and random story! Thanks for reading, stay tuned for some fun articles! Love you all!
xoxo -Viktoria :)

p.s: JCPenney's clearance dresses are crazy cute, run over there now. and buy stuff. ok goodnight!

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