What to Wear in the Airport

Oh yes, it's here. I've had multiple people now ask me to do some version of "What to Wear Traveling" type article so I caved! And being the first official day of summer, I couldn't think of a better day to publish it.  Now obviously being a fashion blog this has turned into more of a "Travel Chic" article because we have to look fab doing so right?  I challenged myself to create 2 looks that are cute yet comfy.  Hopefully, you can appeal to one of the two.

For this first look, we are playing with a basic maxi dress from Forever 21.  This maxi has a sort of tribal print and falls to your ankles once belted.  In my experience I always get cold on a plane because they blast the air conditioner during the summer, and by the end of flight my toes are numb.  For some added warmth we are wearing a denim button up, undone, and casually worn over our spaghetti strap maxi.  I'm wearing metal cap toe flats, because hello?....they're flats, and super comfy.  I kept accessories to a minimum because frankly they are kind of unnecessary if all you're doing is getting on and off a plane.  Now if you are one of those women who needs to wear jewelry or else you feel naked, just throw on some bangles, and a long necklace to complete your look.  My faux straw fedora is from Target, and the only reason I'm wearing it (other than because it's super cute) is to keep the shape as we get from point A to point B.  If you plan on bringing a hat to wear on vacation, the easiest way to travel it, is to wear it.  If you stuff it in your carry on or checked back, it will get smushed in the process, guaranteed.  Another thing, I never wear make-up on the plane.  It tends to limit how comfortable I am falling asleep, I don't want anything to smudge or melt off, so I go bare faced, and to prove it yes.....I am make-up free below, not an ounce.

Another super cute look that looks way more polished, but has the same comfort level is a slouchy tank, boyfriend jeans, and a loose blazer.  For this look I am pairing my Ramones leopard print, that I previously wore in my St. Patricks Day Article, and pairing it with these ripped light wash boyfriend skinnies that I've worn all over the place.  To dress up the look but maintain our airplane appropriate comfort I reached for a pair of sandals, because just like sandals....HELLO! They're sandals and super comfy.  To finish off the look, I'm wearing an open front blazer that I previously featured in my Rock Your Heritage Article. 

I hope you all enjoyed these two outfit ideas! Make sure to check back in tomorrow for Day 2 in the Summer Travels Series, I'll see you then.  Thanks for reading, stay stylish!

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