Spring Trends Series: Outfit 6

Leopards & Turtles

The easiest thing to mix with ANY pattern, is leopard.  I know this isn't news to any of my readers seeing as I've said this about a dozen times now.  So for this outfit I'm mixing leopard with something new, squares.  This shirt is unfortunately way too big, about 2 sizes too big to be specific.  I have no idea why though, I always try on clothing just to make sure it fits, but the day I bought this top I was in a hurry, and just grabbed a large, which usually fits me at Forever21 and this blouse turned out to be huge!  If any of you every have this problem with a button down, the easiest way to fix that is by unbuttoning the bottom one or two buttons, and tying at the waist.    It's like quick, free tailoring.   For this look, I'm wearing the same distressed jeans from Outfit 1 (featured here), but this time pairing it with some cute Christian Siriano for Payless ankle booties.  Wearing a leopard print purse adds some animal instinct flair to a black and white outfit, and we're topping this whole look off with this season's hottest trend in JEWELRY, tortoise shell. Tortoise jewelry is busting out in the fashion community and the greatest part about it, is not a lot of people know what it is.  They'll end up describing it as "ya know, that marble-y brown and yellow stuff ?”  My faux tortoise earrings are from Aria, but my watch is from Target, which is another reason I love the trend.  It is fool proof to pair together, no matter which stores you get it from, and whether it is high end or low end it will always match.  You can get your earrings from one place, your necklace from another, and a watch from here or there, but when you get home, it’ll look like you just bought a set.  The necklace is actually just faux-marbled stone and plastic beads, but it's cute, and was on sale for $8 at JCPenney, so I added it to the look because it went well with everything else.    

Trends it Follows:
Black & White Graphic Prints
Tortoise Shell Jewelry

Don't be afraid to cover up in Spring.   A light wash denim and a loose blouse or chiffon tee can easily transition from fall, and stay season and weather appropriate.  Stay stylish loves!
xoxo -Viktoria

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