Spring Trends Series: Outfit 9

How to Rock the Tribal Trend With Spring Blouses and Neutral Bottoms!

Well let me start off by bragging a teeny bit, both of the tribal print blouses together cost me less than $15 combined! Okay, now that that's over, let's move on to how to style a tribal print for Spring.  For me, the easiest and most fool proof way is with a blouse, and neutral bottoms.

For the first look, I'm using a Forever21 blouse that was $13.80.  These jeans you have seen multiple times in my Valentine's Day look (here), and my first REAL blog post, 'How to Wear Color' (here).  Say what you want about white jeans, but if you don't have a pair, I would consider buying one a.s.a.p.  They are definitely a staple, and oh so versatile. 
For this tribal inspired outfit, I went with a monochromatic color scheme on top, with a neutral shoe.  A blue beaded necklace and matching blue cross-body purse compliment the turquoise in the blouse.   If you ever wonder about what to pair with blue when it comes to shoes, this is usually what I do: dark hues and navy pair with a nude shoe, mid hues and turquoise go fabulously with cognac brown, and light hues and baby blue can easily be paired with black shoes.  I finished off the look with some adorable flower earrings that came in a set, ON CLEARANCE at jcpenney for $7. And they look expensive so that's always a plus :D

Trends it Follows:
Tribal Print
Tortoise Shell Jewelry

 If you're rocking a tribal trend this spring, don't be afraid to go with beads and wood for accessories! Go big or go home right? Its the perfect time to wear jewelry like the one I'm wearing, and not look like you're on vacation. 

 Blouse: Forever21
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: JCPenney Clearance
Ring: Forever 21....$1.80!!!!
Watch: Target
Shoes: Target
Purse: Marshalls (old)
Wooden Bracelet: Kohls (old)
For the second look, we're playing with a more African Inspired Tribal Print and modernizing it with metal jewelry instead of beaded jewelry.  This blouse was a total find, as I was leaving a thrift store it caught my eye for all the wrong reasons.  I thought it was hideous at first, but then I realized it was actually quite cute because it resembled leopard print which.....hello
so needless to say, I gave the blouse a shot, and took it home to see how I could style it, and boy was it worth the $1.99 I paid for it!  If you have a print like this that's way more literal, I would suggest keeping the rest modern, which is why I opted for metal jewelry.  What I love about my fab top necklace is that it looks like stones, but its metal and gold, so you get the effect of a stone necklace, but you can easily transition into other jewelry and accessories!  The bottom chain necklace, was on clearance at Sears for less than $5! WOOHOO! I went with a black skirt since there is in fact, little black "squiggles" on the blouse, and nude shoes since we have SO MUCH going on up top.  We kept the same earrings in from our other look, and the ring didn't change either.  If you want to carry a purse, I would go with a nude clutch, or even a small black cross-body. 

Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Target
Belt: Gifted, Genuine Ostrich Leather
Nude Wedges: Amazon
Stone Necklace: Target
Chain Necklace: Sears
Earrings: JCPenney
Bracelet: J. Crew
I hope you all enjoyed these idea for rocking a tribal print this spring! Just remember, tribal on top and keep it neutral on the bottom to shoe off that tribal trend :) Stay stylish, be fabulous!
xoxo -Viktoria

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