Deleting my Blog? R.I.P All Size Fits One

Fact: Debatable topics I usually don't f**k with unless I REALLY know somebody and understand my limits.  So it goes without saying that I usually keep religion/ other staunch political views off my blog merely to avoid conflict and dilemma.  But seeing as I only have one friend PHYSICALLY here in Ohio with me, I thought I would share what happened today with you all, my readers.  Today, I had one of those days where I just felt like giving up my blog and quitting my job (after my boss got mildly snarly with me for a sec) and just finishing school.  I hate every minute of it, school that is, but in this day and age you just have to suck it up and deal with it so you can get a big girl/boy job and be taken seriously.  God forbid you take a risk and try and make it without a degree right? You can't say "school isn't the right fit for me" without people jumping to conclusions thinking you're either too poor to afford it or stupid.  Well, the way I see it, everything I'm crazy good at or at least have a passion for, can not, nor do I want it to be, taught to me in school.  .I like to have a raw, untaught view on things on purpose. I learn better by teaching myself anyways, so if i have to take the time and effort to research something, it'll stick better than some old guy saying, read pages 35-80 there is a quiz next week.  But we won't get into that right now.  Point is, all my friends are graduating now, and I'm not.  I still have a year or two.  Now, I'm not blaming anyone for me being behind at all, I just choose the wrong school right out the gate, and have been fighting an uphill battle to get to my real dream school ever since I left my first college.  So naturally, trying to transfer art school credits……was a devastating set back.  Anyways, it sucks to know that everyone is moving on with their lives, and careers, and I'm a 21 year old college kid, I stay strong, and keep my head up most days, but it would be a lie to say it doesn't hurt to say congratulations left and right and then get back to studying because I'm not done yet.   Well, I sat there, staring at my Blogger Dashboard for about an hour contemplating deleting the whole blog, and some inexplicable force was stopping me, I'm not saying "IT WAS THE LORD JESUS INTERVENING, but I really can't explain it.  Yes, I believe in Jesus after all, I'm Catholic.  A Pro-Choice, LGBT Rights Activist who-is-straight-as-a-ruler Catholic …..but Catholic non the less.  But that wasn't really it, it was just like…….this……force.  I'm not kidding, I was about to delete the blog, and go to school full time so I can be tricking done, and I couldn't.  Well, fast forward, I really wasn't thinking much of it, until JUST NOW (which explains any grammatical errors or typos, I'm falling asleep and I'm power writing this, just to get it out of my head).  I often browse Pinterest, read magazines, and search #fashionblogger on Instagram for inspiration when I'm having outfit block.  I like to see trends, but also look at original outfit ideas, and often find similar items I own, and totally copy cat people sometimes to wear to class the next day, but never on the blog, those outfits are 100% me.  For the record, if ever I'm straight up copying another woman's look, I will give her credit were credit is due.  Well, I saw one of those funny little "What ______ thinks I do" collages with the header "FASHIONBLOGGER<3" while searching Instagram and wanted to re-gram it with a screen shot but the quality was awful, so I did a quick Google search.  And I found the original picture so I could Instagram it with some clarity (that's the photographer in me coming out, I can't stand pixelation haha).  Well, ya know how Google shows the original source of any photo? Ya, here is where it gets…..strange.  The original source was this website called not "victoria" but "viKtoria" just like I spell it!!!! What……The…..Heezy…… A life of a fashion blogger pic, from a website that loves me. It was like some higher power was telling me to hang in there.  Call me crazy, laugh if you want, but I felt like I was getting a sign.  And I just thought I would share.  So anytime, that you feel like giving up, remember….there are billions and billions of people on this Earth, and if even just one of them loves you and appreciates you, keep on going.  I love YOU all for reading, and supporting me.  Sorry I almost deleted my blog, hang in there if the posts become few and far between, I'm just trying to finish school sometime before I turn 30.  Thanks for reading! Love you all, xoxo -Viktoria. 

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