Blogger's Day Off With My Pint Size Best Friend.

Plenty of people have the misconception that looking good, or even just slightly put together take tons of time and way too much effort, but I bed to differ.  Yesterday, I had a day off, and working 5 days a week and school the other two, rarely gives me a full 24 hours responsibility free.  I had the opportunity to finally take my nephew to the zoo, he is 2 and a half feet of the cutest kid on the face of the planet!  And he really is my favorite boy on earth, beating out my own boyfriend.  Anyways, I thought I would quickly share what I wore to the zoo, and a few snapshots of our day for anyone interested.  It's really easy to look cute still, and stay ridiculously comfortable doing so, here is what I wore.....
Shoes: Vans
Pants: Target
Top: Forever21
Cargo: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
Sunglasses: Kiosk in Akron Mall

I'm seriously buying a flamingo when I'm rich, don't try and stop me haha

Looking at the lazy penguins, who were too tired to swim

Great great grandpa tortoise

More lazy animals! :) the kangaroos were exhausted beyond all reason!

Looking at the "f-shis"....or fishes.
 Theodore's OOTD:  
Monster's Inc. T-shirt with built in long sleeves!
Nike Running Pants, for toddlers on the go.
Cars Sneakers with awesome velcro.

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