Mondays at Polaris.

To some people it's just a mall, but to me it's way more.  To me, it's income, a source of inspiration, and a place to let my mind loose.  Sometimes, it becomes biased, and stereotypes people, my mind that is.  Shame on me I know, but walking the mall takes that all away, even just people watching sometimes.  You see those couples who exemplify opposites attracting, like the tall awkwardly lanky guy with voluptuous sun-kissed Brazilian girlfriend. The people wearing ripped sweats and a old hoodie, who spend hundreds and hundreds with ease sharing a hallway with the woman wearing a Mink coat who will haggle with you over $5 til her tongue falls out and limps away whimpering from exhaustion.  My favorite are the kids though, some of them are on leashes, and some of them aren't, but all of them are dumbfounded by this magical place. You can see the little hamster wheels turning in their heads, with their eyes shifting a mile a minute  from storefront window, to shopper, to fellow munchkin, to the teenage couple making out on the couch by the kid's play area. They don't know what to make of the place, it's a sensory overload, and sometimes I fear their tiny, developing hearts won't be able to handle all the excitement.  But I can't say that's just the kids though, here I am 21 years old, a full grown woman, and I still get the same rush. But who doesn't right?  Specifically the women, we're like kids in a candy shop, especially when we have money.  Our poor boyfriends, or husbands, bless their souls, form a line like kid's waiting for recess, outside the store.  They look miserable I might add. But hey, that's why men were built more muscular right?  To carry the shopping bags, while we, the women, can lift just enough weight to swipe our light credit cards.

My current workplace is right outside Saks, the most stuck up store in here if you ask me, but then the shoppers prove me wrong. My job right now is great, our company slogan is literally  "don't say cheap say inexpensive." I mean, this store could not be more fitting for me if it tried.  It's 929 square feet of looks for less, bargain buys and cheaper alternatives to staying chic.  Well, we get about 10% of the Saks shoppers come in here time to time. Sometimes I think they're lost. They can't possibly go from buying Loubitons to getting our $4 earrings could they? Well, the Saks farts as I call them, ya know? what's left over after they've exhausted their life's earnings in that store, are actually really nice most of the time, unlike a lot of their sales associates. I'm not saying they're mean, cold hearted people... I'm just saying, the only time I was acknowledged after walking into that store was the time I wore the nicest clothing items I owned all in one outfit and walked in with my credit card rearing to go. It's quite sad really, they don't even try to cover up the blatant discrimination. Anyways, back to the mall, Monday mornings are my favorite, it's so calm, and peaceful.  Nobody in the mall, except a couple old women with their Walkmans   Through our store doors, we all stare at each other with blatantly bored  looks on our faces, it's become an unspoken competition to see who gets the first customer, it's usually the department stores.  Sometimes I put theme music to the lone shoppers, as they walk through the hallway. Everything is pretty much in slow motion.

There's a pet store down the way, they have a certified therapy cat and a dog that take turns with "shifts" at the store.   I never told my boss this, because she might get upset with me, but sometimes I leave the music off in the morning so I can just listen.  Everyone needs to do that every once and a while, just listen.  Turn off the electronics for an hour, sit back, close your eyes, and listen.  Nature is the most beautiful music in my opinion and although the mall is far from mother nature, actually it's probably the most polar opposite you can find, it's still fun to just listen to the noises.

So if ever you are stressed, overworked or overwhelmed on a Monday, go to the mall.  It's like a tropical forest full of colors, smells, and creatures ....but for city girls.   Leave the credit cards at home, just bring your drivers's license to get there, grab a coffee, find a couch, and sit down.  Watch the people, take it all in, listen to the noises, and enjoy.

Just me and Mr. Starbucks to keep me company in the morning.  Empty store, clear mind.
Thanks for reading! xoxo -Viktoria

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