Spring Trends Series: Outfit 7

What an Ugly Dress! 
How to not match anything, and still look put together.

"Seriously, how hideous is that print, I mean.....come on, ew!" or something along those lines is what I overhear every time I'm out and about shopping and a fellow shopper sees an item of clothing with a (what I like to call) 'scarf print'.  You know what I'm talking about if you're older than....16? Those ugly 80s and 90s neck scarves with the tacky filigree and chains.  That print is all the rage now however, so next time you hear someone talking shiz about it, you can scoff in your head because clearly they don’t know the hottest  new trends.   Well, this serves as a great fashion lesson to be learned, how to style them, YAY! Here's how, first things first: break it up with a solid, in this case it’s the jacket.   Next thing is to add jewelry accordingly, if the surrounding colors in your scarf print are cool earthy tones I would go with silver and if they’re warmer tones, I would go with gold.  USUALLY, I would say match your shoes, or other accessory of choice,  to your jacket and you’re done.   Today I’m showing you another alternative to accessorizing though, and that’s when nothing technically matches each other.  Take a look below and then I’ll explain further...
Trends it Follows:
Scarf Print
 Flirty Leather
You’ll notice I have blush pumps, a striped bag, a gold chain necklace, and stone earrings with a braided cognac belt to top it all off, weird huh? In my opinion, being “matchy matchy” is great in some cases, (just like here in Outfit 6) but it really is fashion 101 and we need to move on.  No, ladies, your shoes do not need to match your handbag to a T, and your fingernails don’t all have to be the same as your toes.  It’s 2013, we’re debating marriage equality, our children don’t learn cursive in school anymore, I’m a Puerto Rican/Black curvy fashion blogger, with a tall skinny brainiac WHITE boyfriend.  The world is changing, you get my point, do I need to go on?  Who cares if your shoes don’t match your damn purse, your grandma will forgive you eventually.  If you want to take a different route every once and a while, just make sure your accessories are cohesive and complementary.  Sadly, there is no equation, trick or formula to teach you how to do this outfit to outfit, you just have to follow your gut but I can at least explain my thought process so you get my logic here.  Look at my dress, gold toned accessories are going to look the best so I started with the chunky chain necklace  (you can never go wrong with a braided chain necklace to start yourself off).  Now that I have my chain necklace, I can add my gold and BLACK earrings.  That opens up the door to use a black and white purse.  But that still doesn't change the fact that my dress doesn't have a shape to it, so I need to belt that sucker with a cognac woven belt that matches some of the detailing on the dress, and the jacket I chose to pair with it.  Can’t leave the house without shoes though can you?  Nope, so let’s add some blush pumps, they match the color of the dress, and it’s a fun alternative to wearing just plain nude shoes.  Now we’re done, our outfit is complete, I look put together....and none of my accessories match.  You try it.

I hope you all enjoyed this styling lesson, and can apply it to an outfit in your near future.  The world is changing fast and so is fashion, don’t be afraid to express yourself and experiment with different looks, just......
please do not get offended, I found this on tumblr.com and thought someone would get a kick out of it :)
xoxo -Viktoria

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