Spring Shoes Must Haves and my 100TH BLOG POST!!!!!

My 15 Budget Friendly Shoe Must Haves YOU Can Buy RIGHT NOW!!!

Want to have a balanced shoe closet?
  Here is my formula:

15 pairs of shoes for spring,
+ 5 more flat sandals or heels and the same shoes for spring roll over for summer.
+ 5 pairs of tall shafted boots and 5 pairs of short shafted boots for winter.
Then short shafted boots from winter, wear in fall, but loose.
+2 pairs of special occasion shoes, 1 flat, 1 high.
+8 pairs to do with whatever you want and express your own style.
40 pairs of shoes for a well balanced closet and a versatile collection.  

             But I’m not going to lie, this is just a minimum for me.  Shoes are my thing, more than clothes, more than jewelry, more than purses, and I personally have way more than 40 because my shoe size hasn’t changed since 5th grade, thankfully though, I grew into my size 10 feet.  I know this seems like a lot to some people but I think you can cover every look you want to achieve if you have the amount above.
        The other thing I take into consideration while buying shoes, is how much to spend.  I tend to overall “save” ($40 or less) on about 85% of my shoe purchases, and “splurge” on 15% of the shoe purchases I make. This will be the first season I cover my shoe must-haves though.  They do change year to year slightly just because of trends, but for the most part I’m going to be sharing with you the “generic” shoes I think you should have for Spring year to year.   So here are my shoe must haves for this spring 2013!  
         Oh yeah......did I mention you can buy all of these shoes RIGHT NOW if you want to copy my feet, just click on the “where do I buy them” link below each shoe to buy yours today.

1.)  Leopard Print Sandals

What are mine? River Island 
Where do I buy them?  Asos.com
How much are they?  $74.81
Splurge or Save?  SPLURGE
What do I wear them with?  A plain outfit, like jeans and a white tee.  Animal print shoes add the perfect touch of pizzazz to any bland outfit, and bring it together.  These cushioned sandals are so comfortable, and chic.  Who said comfy shoes are just for Dr. Sholls to make? I was surprised when I got these sandals in the mail at the level of cushion that was built in, and you could never tell by looking at them.  The hidden story behind them? I fell in love with a pair of $125 Sam Edelman sandals that were strikingly similar to these months and months ago, but just didn’t want to spend that kind of money at the time, nor did I have it.  When I found these, with the same metal hardware detailing, for nearly $50 less I couldn’t pass it up.  Take my word for it too, the quality is worth every penny if you have been looking for the perfect leopard sandals....which I have. 

2.) Neon
What are mine? Mossimo Neon Thong Sandal
How much are they? $19.99
Splurge or Save? SAVE
What do I wear them with?  Neon yellows look great with monochromatic, neutral outfits like a black maxi dress, they provide a great fluorescent pop.   Other colors and print that neons go well with that people don’t think of are things like camo, tribal print, and even black and white stripes and colors like cobalt blue and olive. 

 3.) Tribal 

What are mine? Mossimo Supply Co. Tribal Strap Sandals
Where do I buy them? Target
How much are they? $16.99
Splurge or Save? SAVE
What do I wear them with?  Tribal Print of similar colors, and skinny jeans.  A fun way to rock the tribal trend in the spring is by mixing tribal prints, because think about it, on any given tribal blanket, headscarf, or even dress, there are 15 different prints competing for your attention anyways, so mixing them together on the same outfit can almost never go wrong. 

4.) Studded

Doggy photo bombing
What are mine? F21 Studded Sandals
Where do I buy them?  Forever21
How much are they? $34.80
Splurge or Save? SAVE
What do I wear them with?  Leopard Prints or Florals, I love mixing my favorite prints with a little bit of studs. In my opinion, leopard and studs is rocker chic and floral and studs is a great combo or feminine and edge. 

5.)Nude Strappy Wedges

What are mine? Dolce Vita
How much are they?  $79.00 ON SALE FOR $39.99
Splurge or Save? SAVE
What do I wear them with?  Everything.  Nude strappy wedges, are the nude pumps of spring.  Having an idk shoe day, wear these shoes.  You can pair them with a dress, skinny jeans, or even shorts.

6.) Cognac Non-Platform Wedge*
What are mine? Steve Madden, the love of my life.
Where do I buy them?  Amazon.com or Steve Madden stores
How much are they? $79.95
Splurge or Save? SPLURGE
What do I wear them with?  Yellows and navys look absolutely fantastic with cognac, and a thick strapped wedge looks fantastic with those spring dresses for brunch or your friend’s wedding. 

7.) Floral Print Heels
What are mine? Priority Watercolor Printed Ankle Strap Heels
Where do I buy them?  Asos.com   
How much are they? $74.81
Splurge or Save? SPLURGE
What do I wear them with?  The same outfit pops into my head every time I stare at these beautiful shoes, a white dress, belted at the waist with something pastel.  So if you go buy these shoes, send me a pic of how you wear them, I need ideas! 

8.) Metallic Heels

What are mine? F21 Studded Open Toe Sky High Heels
Where do I buy them?  Forever21 in store & online
How much are they? $34.80
Splurge or Save? SAVE
What do I wear them with? Metallic shoes look great with polar opposite, super light pastels, and extra dark tones.  I love the way metallic shoes look with cobalt blues and emerald greens but I also love the way they look with lace, and pastel yellows.  Don’t be afraid to rock these super sky high studded heels with any outfit for an extra punch of BAM.....for your feet. 

9.) Fun Print

What are mine? Vans Leopard Hi-Tops
Where do I buy them? Shi by Journeys
How much are they? $64.99
Splurge or Save? SPLURGE
What do I wear them with? Let me just plant this little seed of an outfit idea in your head.....and I am SO NOT taking the credit for this, becuase the most awesome sales associate in the world gave me this idea when he sold me the shoes, I just can’t wear it because I don’t own the pants, but he said, “Roll up some read skinny jeans, and wear a denim or chambray shirt, with your new shoes gurl!” and I can not wait to own red pants so I can wear that exact outfit. 

10.)  Classic Beige Lo-Tops*
picture courtesy of Pinterest, I do not own rights.
What are mine?Mine are non-existant :( They are still wish a list item, but you should buy a pair!
Where do I buy them?  Journeys, Shi, or Zappos.com
How much are they? Traditional lo-tops are $45.00-$50.00 depending on where you get them, however, they last FOREVER AND EVER, and you have to just give them up before they literally wear out.  That’s why, even though they are over $40, I consider them a.......drum roll please........
Splurge or Save? SAVE
What do I wear them with?  Dresses, Skinny jeans, Maxi skirts, Bandage skirts, tunics, bikinis.......oh that’s right, you can wear them with anything.   The specific ones I think every woman should own for spring are these, but unfortunetely, they are still on my wish list, and I don’t actually have them.......yet.  Soon, my shoes friends, very soon. 
VikTip* Never buy converse from converse.com, they overprice them since it's a specialty site.

11.) Rain Boots

What are mine? Wellies
Where do I buy them?  Ebay
How much are they? $21.99
Splurge or Save? SAVE
What do I wear them with? Well, this is a torn topic.  Some people wear their rain boots to their destination just so their feet stay dry, then change into their “real shoes”.  But I wear mine as an all day shoe, because who doesn’t like to feet like a kid again, and nothing is off limits, a light spring dress or even some torn skinny jeans. 

12.) Mint 

What are mine? Worthington
Where do I buy them? JCPenney
How much are they? $28
Splurge or Save? SAVE

What do I wear them with? Peach and Coral, these mint flats look great with things spring! Mint is the IT color pretty much every spring, but this season it's extra huge.  Every fashionista and fashion blogger has rocked the color, and they should. It looks great on every skin tone, and with most spring appropriate colors. 

13.) Nude

What are mine?  Lower East Side

Where do I buy them? Payless
How much are they? $16.99

Splurge or Save? SAVE

What do I wear them with? Just like the wedges, any nude shoe can be paired with any outfit, but for those of you women who aren't so comfortable in a wedge all day, rock a flat, these classic patent leather flats are such a bargain for less than twenty bucks and you can just keep them by your front door and throw them on with any look.

14.)  Blush

What are mine? Merona Hidden Wedge Ballet Flats

Where do I buy them? Target in store, clearance, online full price.
How much are they? $22.99 but Mine were Clearanced for $6.95
Splurge or Save? SAVE

What do I wear them with? If you have something as ultra girly as a light pink, bowed ballet flat, then why not go all out right? I like to pair mine with lace and a layered pearl necklace, with ripped jeans for just a little bit of added edge. 

15.) Metallic

What are mine? Cosmopolitan
Where do I buy them? JCPenney
How much are they? $28

Splurge or Save? SAVE

What do I wear them with?  Absolutely everything I mentioned in #8, but this shoe is a great alternative to women who are too intimidated or uncomfortable in  heels.

I hope you all get to buy some of these shoes, they are mostly all available both online and in-stores, but locations  and sizes may vary.  If YOU purchase any of the shoes, PLEASE e-mail me a picture of yourself wearing your new kicks, or tweet or Instagram them and I would LOVE the feature your pic on a future blog post! :D 
xoxo -Viktoria

*shoes I unfortunately do not own, I just think we should all get for spring :) So I'll update pics when I get them :)

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