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You get to see the blog shoots before, during, and after the process before they post to the blog! My bf, my meals (so original I know), my dog, and my ADORABLE nephew.....+ much more! 

For those of you who don't already know, I have a little dog, he is a black adult Chihuahua, with floppy ears, and his name is Peppy.....and no, he does not like Taco Bell. 

Om Nom Noms

 Easter Sunday

The boy-friendly Easter basket I got my nephew! He just couldn't get enough of the mini Lighting McQueen!

I love this man with all my heart!


Extra Quirks!
I created a wish list and inspiration bulletin board looking background for my computer and phone! It helps me save money and remember the important things in life don't come free, but they are worth saving and working for if they mean enough to you! Currently on my wish list, a trip to Chicago, visiting Greece, buying a pair of Loubitons, and creating a dressing room/office! 

Easy peazy lemon squeezy necklace organization, little dollar store nails, nail in a straight line on your wall, hang necklaces! BOOM! DONE!

'nuf said.

 Xoxo -Viktoria

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