OOTD: Who You Gonna Call? Throwback Thursday!

Hi, my name is Viktoria. You like my awesome Ghost Busters vintage tee? The cool warn out effect on the ghost himself, and the cool discoloration?  Yeah, that's most definitely not fake.  This t-shirt my mother got way back in 1984 when the original movie came out with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.  Either way, that's just two years after my oldest sister, Shannon, was born (my one and only nephew is her son, doesn't she make super cute babies?) Well, If I remember correctly my mother got that shirt and it was one of the first things she first bought when she came to the United States from Puerto Rico where she was born and raised.  Holla out to all my fellow Boricuas!   Well,  Shannon wore it when she was younger, and it skipped the middle sister cuz she is way too froo froo for a Ghost Busters shirt.  Anyways, before I officially retired the Ghost Busters shirt (because it has about 5 holes in the back), I decided to let it live out it's final days with a bang!!!  R.I.P Ghost Busters shirt, you lived a long and fulfilled life.

 ANYWAYS....For this look, I decided on playing with that leftover neon we all have in our closet from summer.   By adding neon accent pieces in the necklace and the flats, we can bring a fun pop of vibrant color to an otherwise drab outfit.  I mean come on, how much originality does it take to wear jeans, a screen tee, and a vest?  Not much.....so bring a little flair to your fall outfit with neons.  This vest is actually my boyfriend's, I wanted a more masculine flair to the outfit just because well......I can.  Fashion is all about taking risks right? It takes me back to my super duper ridiculously boyish days. 

 So since this is in fact a more masculine take on women's fashion, we are choosing silver toned accessories.   Gold is either one of two things, girly or gaudy.....so stray away from gold jewelry whenever you are rocking the denim and t-shirt combo.  My bracelet actually came from the thrift shop and my handy dandy mom added the lobster clasp for me to wear it as a bracelet, also if you spot my ring 3 pics up.....my madre made that for me too :) But that ring she actually made......like......made.  From scratch.  Poured the metal and everything.  Not everyone can say that so be super jealous haha.  

.......HEY WHERE YOU GOING?!? This post isn't done yet......I have this creeping suspicion that some of you don't believe that this shirt is 7 years older than me, especially since they sell a very strikingly similar version at stores right now.  But here it is folks, me and Shannon, many years ago.  Nice shirt Shannon! Give us a break, it was first thing in the morning.  My hair still looks like that when I wake up, John is always making fun of me for it.  

This post is dedicated to my favorite oldest sister, Shannon.  Thanks for always being there when I was growing up, even after you went to college.  Thanks for taking care of me and Jessica that whole summer and burning the 'Trip to Clyde' CD for us all to have to bring back the memories years later.  Thanks for embarrassing me by belting 'Where is the Love' (Black Eyed Peas) at the top of your voice as we drove around in your truck.  Thanks for building snow dog with me and then carrying it on a board half a mile to our house as we got weird stares and our fingers went numb.  Thanks for letting me draw the cover of your wedding program even though the "angel" looked like he has a physical deformity.  Thanks for always laughing the hardest at my weird sense of humor and ill timed jokes. Thanks for caring enough to let me make my own mistakes, I have done nothing but learn from them.  Thanks for bringing my little bug into the world happy and healthy, you made a super cute baby!  And Thank you for never letting me know.......what was in the back of Jason's car during sibs and kids weekend 10 years ago.  You all told me you'd let me know when I turned 18........liars.  

Kitty Kitty -Viktoria

oh yeah, she is still alive for the record......just in case you thought otherwise :D

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