Did You Know That?

1.) All Size Fits One has promo cards, and if you are featured in a monthly Spotlight or just want to support the cause and you want one or more, I'll gladly send them to you :) Just shoot me an e-mail at allsizefitsone@yahoo.com with your address and look out for em in your mailbox!!!

 2.) All Size Fits One has a mobile version.  So now you can stay stylish on the go!  If you're in a store and don't know how to style a look, just check the site from your phone, I'm sure I have styled something along the lines of what you're looking for at some point.

3.) Want to see a specific look or want to know how to style a color or piece?  ASFO has a search bar, where you can search a key word or brand.  Still didn't fine what you're looking for? I'd be happy to help you out, just shoot me an e-mail (allsizefitsone@yahoo.com) with your question and I'd be happy to post about it as soon as I canAnd if you don't want it on the website, I'd be more than happy to give fashion and style advice over the phone, e-mail, or Facebook.  

4.)  ASFO isn't just a One-Hit-Wonder....
I also do Interior Design Ideas, $10 Recipes, and random extras!  It's not just showing off my cute clothes or a fun new accessory I got, I'm here to help and provide inspiration for everyone.  

5.) This blog isn't just about looking cute...
Actually, ask anyone who has known me for a while or any family member and they will tell you, I never used to care about fashion, I mean AT ALL. Not only was I a tomboy, but I'm pretty sure I actually thought I was a boy at one point. When I was way little, I used to fight my mom to try and get me to take a shower and I used to wear the same pants and striped tops over and over again. Gross, I know. But now, this blog means so much more to me. When I was going from K-12 at my rather rich school district, we were still shopping at thrift stores. We could afford the nicer clothes don't get me wrong, but that wasn't a valid use of my mom's money, and boy do I agree with her now more than ever. With a nephew in my life now, I realize how much kids ruins clothes and outgrow them, so I completely agree with her not spending $100 on jeans I'd outgrow in 2 months.  Needless to say, it gave me a complex.  As much as I understand and agree with her logic now, I didn't get it as a child and I was "embarrassed" to wear what I wore.  The point of all this incessant rambling is that this blog is to teach women from 15-35 that you can rock anything you got and look damn good doing it.  Whether you shop thrift shops and clearance racks or you actually pay full price for brand new things at the mall (and I do all 3 now) you can look fly.  You don't need to be filthy rich or super privileged to rock the hallway like a runway.  It is my goal now, with this blog, to show young women everywhere that you can embrace your....well, everything.  Size 2 to size 22, pear shaped, oval shaped or square shaped, we are all beautiful and there is a way for all of us to look like we just walked off the cover of a magazine.   No matter what your income is, your skin color is, or your style is, rock what your momma made ya and don't let anyone tell you you aren't beautiful.  So if you know any young women PLEASE share the blog with them.  No matter what type of lifestyle they live, I hope to be able to help them out with self confidence and style.   

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