Target Fall Haul !!!

 THANK YOU NOVEMBER!!!! Why? Because I have all my bills and any necessary expenses perfectly divvied up between two bi-weekly paychecks, and November.....oh November, my love, YOU are a THREE paycheck month, which means for the first time in a while I actually had some extra money to go shopping! YAY! So I went to the store we all love......Target. So I'm gonna stop blabbing and show you all what I got.

Well first off, Target had ALL of their cutest purses and bags on clearance, I remember seeing this bag when it first hit stores a couple months ago and I just couldn't bring myself to pay $30.00 for it, and I reluctantly left the store without it.   BUT was sitting there waiting for me, half of, in all of it's beauty.  Long story short, mine now! I kid you not, if you wait long enough at Target, what you want will go on sale.

These boots, I have been going back and forth about it my head for weeks, the one unsettling thing about them was that the color was WAY to familiar and close to "Timberlands" and I really wanted to avoid looking cheap.  So honestly, knowing how amazingly easy it is to make a return at Target, I bought them specifically knowing it was a huge possibility I might need to return them.  SOOO I went home and tried them on with a lot of my fall wardrobe and they are absolute perfection, and actually quite cute with dresses too!  Honestly, (if you can afford it) I highly suggest doing this with stores that you know have easy, hasle free returns if ever you are un-sure if something will fit in with your existing wardrobe.  Buy it, take it home, and try it on with all your clothes.  If it works, keep it, and if it doesn't, return it :) That simple. 

I just couldn't pass up this classic, timeless, fall sweater! White with horizontal black stripes. I bought a 2XL so that I could wear it extra slouchy for comfort and added cuteness :)

BOOOOOOOOTS!!!!! BOOTS! BOOTS! BOOTS! NEW BOOTS!......end of story.  

Clearance clutches......yes please!  How could I pass up this amazing Ox Blood and Lime Green/Turquoise Snake Print Clutches!  And with the oversize tassel, you don't have to ask me twice!
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