Look 4 Less: J. Crew & Target - Steve Madden & Forever 21

Just in time for fall, stores are starting to stock up on new trends, new looks, and new wardrobe staples.  My two fall essentials are boots, and of course, blazers.  So in the wake of the changing weather, here are two separate L4Ls on boots, and blazers.

Let's start at the top and work our way down.   Blazers first....
The Blazer featured at the top is our higher end one.  A navy blue and green color that is right on trend with the fall earth tones.  This more expensive option is from J.Crew and is made of a wool blend.  It retails for $188.00

J. Crew Factory:  $188.00

Now for our college kid friendly option.  A cotton blend blazer from the one and only Target!!!  This lower end version has the same navy and military green colors going on with a more relaxed feel, as opposed to the perfectly structured version from J. Crew.   This lovely wanna-be retails for a much more affordable $34.99!  You just can't beat that!

Target:  $34.99

Please excuse my lack of a tan.....this fall weather really takes a toll on my otherwise mocha glow hahah

I bet you all are wondering how I always happen to find these Looks For Less! Well I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm always browsing my favorite stores websites for inspiration. It's a great way for me to follow trends without having to be told what they are. If you see similar items at multiple stores, you just found yourself the next greatest thing. Also, a lot of times, stores selling clothes will sell you a particular item on a model who is wearing other things. Take a look at the model above. It never occurred to me to pair the plaid blazer with grey bottoms until I saw her. So don't be afraid to look to websites for ideas. 

Here is our high end version of the perfect fall boot, for the rocker in us all.  From My Boy Steve, I present, the Fraankie! For $149.95 Yikes!  That's a lot of hard earned dough. Although you can validate the cost for any Madden boot, because the quality is so superb, a lot of us young women can't afford to spend $100+ on shoes for one particular season in the year. 

Steve Madden: $149.99


Now for those of us who just aren't feeling Steve's high prices..... Let's take a look at Forever 21.  They have a way more inexpensive version of the same boot.

Forever 21: $39.80

 Choose your own ending!

Forever 21 Burnished Stud Boots

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