My Boy Steve and the Every Day Woman.

        Ask any of my friends and family and they will tell you that I am the most versatile person when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.  With all my fashion mood swing my closet now literally contains head to toe lace dresses, floral maxis, and sky high heels right next to my leather jacket, studded belt and combat boots.  But the absolute best way I have found to express diversity day to day when getting dressed, is the shoes.  I can be ready to go, top on, bottom picked, jewelry ready, and then all I have to do is pick the shoes.  They can turn an outfit to go from one direction to another.   Everyone has their favorite shoes and their favorite brands, some girls love the sexiness and sky high feel of the perfect stiletto, and some want nothing more than to throw on some flip flops and go to town.   For me, its a low top Converse.  Nothing beats the standard low top black and white, classic Chuck Taylor All Star.  However, like many other shoe brands, you know exactly the type of shoe you're going to get, because although the color, material, and texture may change, all you're doing is paying for the same shoe in fifty different options.   Brands who do this, and there is nothing wrong with it don't get me wrong, are ones like UGG, Toms, Sperry Top Sider, and sadly even my beloved Converse.   It's a shame because after a while, you can only buy so many pairs of a certain brand before it's just a waste of money, and you're stuck with the same shoe 30 different ways (like my collection of twenty-three pairs of lo tops......I plea the fifth).  That's why I love different shoes though,  once you do get past my obscene amount of Converse, which I now mildly regret, you'll find yourself with the absolutely most perfect way to diversify your day to day wardrobe, even if all of your clothes follow a particular trend, the shoe (or the outfit icing as i call them) can turn the outfit from glam to chic, preppy to rocker, or cowboy to indian.
          This is where my boy Steve comes into the picture,   Steve Madden that is.  The reason I love buying a new pair of Maddens is because his lines are so versitile.  From Madden Girl, which features Women's adult sizes but a more youthful feeling shoe, to just plain Steve Madden, his designs will allow for a shoe suitable for any women's wardrobe.  Now since his shoes are a little bit on the pricier side compared to my budget, the small collection I have of his covers the right shoe for any outfit I'm trying to achieve.   Buying Steve Madden for me only comes when the shoe is on clearance or at an outlet type store like Marshalls, if it's a special occasion, or if it was bought FOR me.  The pairs I own from him though, defintiely have not disappointed thus far.  Since they are such great quality, I do not feel bad when and if I save up to get a pair, using more money than I usually do on shoes.  I know that they will last a long time, or at least their money's worth (granted you take care of your shoes).    Out of the measly 6 pairs that I own, here are my top 4 pairs of Maddens.  As you can see, when I got my Maddens, since I knew a new pair probably wasn't headed my way for quite a while, I made sure that they were way different than any pair I already owned, suitable for a different season, or type of outfit.  Now, I have a dense collection of Madden's that I love and can reach for now matter what the outfit.

TOP MADDEN PICK:  The Tarnney, $149.95  (got them with a 20% off coupon @ Miracle Mile, Las Vegas)

For the woman who is a rock star, not afraid to add a little spunk to an outfit, you definitely have to make sure you have the confidence to rock this shoe or else it will end up wearing you.  With studs on the toe and on the heel, this boot goes perfect for those motorcycle days or for days that you just feel like saying, "Screw the high heels, I'm wearing boots with my skirt today!" 

STEVE MADDEN PICK #2:  The Croquet L $79.99  (bought them @ for free two-day shipping)

For the woman who wants to add some unique flair to an outfit, and who isn't afraid to rock a cat print.  Now this is another instance where you better be able to rock this shoe, in a mens inspired "loafer" style, this shoe is absolute perfection, you won't see a lot of people rocking it, so it gives a cool twist to a standard leopard print flat.  They are made of a very fine calf hair, which isn't inhumane since it's just the hair, not the skin :)  They look absolutely spectacular with a plain white tee, lace, or even leather.  Seen below by Nikki Phillippi and Alex from HRH Collection.  (I do not own the rights to those pictures of them, no copyright infringement intended.).

STEVE MADDEN PICK #3:  The Tuscaan Wedge in Black $98.00 (Gifted from Nordstrom)

These shoes are probably the most mainstream, suitable for a woman who just wants to dress up and outfit but maintain a level of comfort.  These are very comfortable to stand in and have on for hours at a time, there are just the slightest bit unsturdy if you are tall already, because of the platform, but the built in mini rubber sole definitely prevents slipping on tile and waxy floors. The gold detail definitely adds a little extra spunk to a potentially plain outfit. 

STEVE MADDEN PICK #4:  The Glarre $89.95 (Snagged them on a clearance rack at Von Maur for $45.00)

Perfect for the woman seeking sparkle, but comfort.  These sandals are so comfortable, and the tiny straps hug all the right places around your foot that they feel absolutely spectacular and your foot doesn't slide out as you walk.   They glisten so much in the right light that you can go plain head to toe, no jewelry necessary and rock these amazing shoes. 

TO RECAP:  Steve Madden makes shoes to fit any woman's wardrobe and personal stye.  All you have to do, is go find the right pair.  From geek to chic.  Preppy to Glam.  Low to High.

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